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By , April 15, 2008 12:13 am

If you have a carriage return in one of your terms database Name fields it can cause “Suggested Tags From” as well as “Display Click Tags” to quit working. Just spent several hours trying to find why it quit working and ended up looking at the database since removing and reinstalling didn’t do anything. Updating to a later version did nothing. Finally went into the database and found where WordPress stored the tags data (in what they call the terms field) and started looking for something that didn’t look right. Found a couple of things that looked weird but then found one field that was twice the size of any other and noted it looked like a carriage return was in the middle of the field. Edited the field and removed the return then refreshed the page I was working on and everything worked correctly again. You have to go in and edit the database fields with phpMyAdmin or something along those lines directly to fix this problem but it does the trick. Now to make sure it doesn’t happen again…

And as it is tomorrow and have solved that really irritating problem and can now sleep, I am going to bed… 😉

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  1. Steve says:

    Don’t you love it? I call it “the magic checkbox syndrome” because it seems like in about 90% of software glitches like this, there is a checkbox that has to be checked, or unchecked, to fix it. And that checkbox is usually about 4 to 8 levels down from whatever interface you are working in. Ain’t it dandy? Things like the carriage return in a line (which is nearly impossible to see in most software, and many situations) mean so much more to the software than to us carbon-based processing units…

    Had a Monday. Some trouble with the Internet filter at school, which was resolved (for the moment) and finally got an explanation from someone as to WHY the filter acts like it does in re a certain set of circumstances. And like many tech explanations, it made perfect sense and was obvious when revealed–kinda like the carriage return thing, eh? Still waiting for some info about the situation, but the status quo is OK for the moment, and that is all it takes at times…usual random assortment of things other than the filter issue.

    In the “requested features” department, is there a way to go straight to the login screen when you click on the comment link, rather than having a screen popup and say “You must be logged in to respond?” Minor thing, I know, and I could save my login on my main machines, but I have a certain paranoia about that–not so much it being abused (though that could happen) but if I don’t use my login, I’ll forget it. I see that happen all the time at my work, so I know how easy it is to fall into that trap. Not a biggie, but I wonder what the reasoning behind that is? I mean, how hard would it be for the programmers to have a little decision tree that says (paraphrasing here, of course) “If logged in, go to comments pane, if not, go to login screen”. I think the problem is not in coding it, but in THINKING of coding it–it’s easy to overlook small bushes like this among the big forest of the program. OK, just a thought, but it shows how much DETAIL is required to have a really smooth, seamless program that does what you think it should, and why there are so few out there that don’t. Of course, some miss the mark by MUCH more than this example, and I could type for DAYS about them.

    And I just hit some random keystroke by accident, and it posted, but it DIDN’T post because when I went to edit it to finish it off, it said there was no post with that ID. I think somebody is trying to tell me something…..

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