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By , April 27, 2008 1:39 pm

The blog is back up and seems to be working fine for the moment anyway. Still not sure what the problem was other than after making a couple of posts from outside the post page (as in I was using an old javascript toolbar posting tool updated to this page location) WordPress nor phpMyAdmin couldn’t access the database. When I submitted a trouble ticket the only response from the tech was that the database was now accessible. Which helps me figure out the problem not at all.

There seem to be a fair number of folks having this general problem with the 2.5.1 upgrade but no response from the folks on the WordPress forums other than to delete and reinstall the database and all the WordPress files including the plugins and templates.

Will see how it goes and hope for the best. I have removed and reinstalled all the files on the site but have not wiped and reloaded the database as it all seems to be working now.

Have also read some things on the webhost forum that indicate similar problems with other sites dealing with maxed out connections causing things to go down. Guess this is part of the Microsoft server infection. I checked the error logs last night and they were showing that there were hundreds of error messages showing up per hour.

More as I find out about it…

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