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New rocket car spotted in Silver Lake

By , June 9, 2008 10:50 am

New rocket car spotted in Silver Lake | Los Angeles Metblogs

Just hit the link and look. Then click on the Baron Margo link either here or there and look at some of the Baron’s other works. This is some serious heavy metal porn… πŸ˜‰

Amazing Driving Skills – Hyundai

By , May 26, 2008 6:44 pm

Amazing Driving Skills – Hyundai

The bit where the dude changes the tire while the car is going down the track is just awesome! Gotta wonder how many cars they trashed learning to do some of these stunts.

The Double-Decker Smart ForTwo – Twice the Space, Half the Handling | Autopia from

By , April 4, 2008 7:35 pm

The Double-Decker Smart ForTwo – Twice the Space, Half the Handling | Autopia from

If you haven’t seen this yet it’s worth the look. And the laughs! The video is wonderful and LOL funny!

Black Mustang Club calendar is go, Ford releases images under Creative Commons — a he said/she said blow-by-blow – Boing Boing

By , January 25, 2008 11:24 pm

Black Mustang Club calendar is go, Ford releases images under Creative Commons — a he said/she said blow-by-blow – Boing Boing

Ford was at fault before but not this time they say. Whatever. Still think one of their caged lawyers made noises. At least a small victory for common sense… 😎

Ford: Car owners are pirates if they distribute pictures of their own cars – Boing Boing

By , January 14, 2008 11:27 am

Ford: Car owners are pirates if they distribute pictures of their own cars – Boing Boing

Just gotta love the corporate doublethink that some of these big companies practice. Another Monday morning display of major stupidity.

Come to think of it, I have a lot of Mr. Fords products rusting away in the field. I need to take pix, showing just how well their product ages (or doesn’t) and see if they will come after me for publishing them here on the blog. πŸ˜‰

Sunday Done

By , January 13, 2008 9:19 pm

Truck is done and gone. Still needs some paint and undercoat but is road worthy and being driven. So far total out of pocket cost is $0. Lotta sweat and sore muscles as well as having donor trucks to keep the cost nill.

Tim’s F150 is next up. Water pump is leaking. Remove, clean, replace, refill, check for leaks. Pretty basic stuff. Just a lotta bolts and hope none are corroded too bad.

Looked at the 76 Honda this afternoon. May try to crank it off in the next day or so. Oil and coolant are both fine. Need to air the tires and find and install a battery, add fuel and see how it goes from there. Unless the fuel pump is frozen or the carb has problems I think it will crank. Seems like it had a valve that was sticking. See what a little marvels will do.

Another one up to be put back running is the 8? escort. Just got to see how much it is gonna take to put it back together. Lynx trans and front end parts should fit.

Need to crank the Lincoln off also. Way too many cars. Keep thinking about putting the engine and at least some of the running gear from under the Lincoln, under the 65 ford truck. Guess I need to get the tape measure out and see what it’s gonna take… πŸ™„ Nothing like a hot rod Lincoln… 😈 😎 πŸ™„

More later…

Saturdays done

By , January 12, 2008 7:50 pm

Got the fender beat out and close to straight. Wheel well and headlight deck pulled back into place with the application of a 8 foot long, 7 inch diameter cedar pole, a logging chain, and a come-along. Replaced the broken chain with a newer section and some bolts and nuts. Put a rod through the headlight hole and attached the chain around it then hooked the come-along to the chain. Tied the far end of the log to a chain and the other end of the chain to the frame on the other side of the front of the truck. Other end of come-along to hook embedded in the end of the log. Ratched the come-along and picked the end of the log up to about 3 feet. Took hold and bounced it till most of the wrinkles pulled out. Moved the tie point to by the frame mount and did it again. Beat a bit more here and there and is close enough.

Beat on the fender to fit and bolted it back on. Hammering and bending as necessary. Took an hour and a half to get it back to close to right. Lotta beating going on and my arms and hands are telling me about it.

Was working on the air dam when Boat came to get the Pathfinder. Found a broken bushing clamp under the rear end of the thing. Located a suitable piece of steel and with liberal application of pliers (large 15″ slip joints) and hammers and the vice reshaped it to fit the bushing. Used the Bridgeport to drill the holes. Love it every time I use it, like using a piece of history. Found bolts and installed the clamp. It worked and we were both happy. 😎 He left.

I went back to work on the Toyota. Installed the headlight mount, headlight, and trim with running light. Bill installed the side marker light. I got the air dam mounted and shaped about like it used to be lo those many years ago. Got the replacement bumper beat out some and the blinker bolts cut out with the air chisel. Now to figure out how to replace the blinker housings or build 2 working ones out of the pieces of 4 we have. Think we need new sockets.

Still got to replace the inner fender skirt, undercoat the areas that the paint is peeled off and spray the bare metal on the outside of the finder with primer then white paint. Last bit is to install the grill which is off another truck in the yard. And it will be done. I hope.

Came in, ate, built a fire, started writing about another dull but at least somewhat productive day.

Sorry to hear about the computer death, Steve. Always painful even when expected but especially when upgrading.

Speaking of computers, the new under $200 machine from Walmart looks like a nice machine for basic internet uses according to a review at Groklaw. None in this area, yea I had to check. Need another machine for use at the YST and with the specs it will do just fine.

Time to hit the feeds and then read a bit before hitting the sack. Till the morrow.

Bent bumpers n clean roll arounds

By , January 11, 2008 6:40 pm

Started the day with a bad case of the wanna go back to beds. Decided I needed to get out and at least try to do something so went to the YST (yard sale trailer) and started moving stuff around.

Got down to the battery charger and took it down to Tim’s truck and started the battery charging. Got the Pathfinder and took it to the barn and got the drill and mega battery and took them back to the YST and put them on the regulated charger.

Took one of the 120 volt porta power packs and set it up to charge too. Got two of them so figure I’ll see how long they will power the lights in the camper for off grid use. They won’t power the fridge or the microwave but lights and a bit of charge for the laptops will be enough for most times we will be needing them. I hope.

Bungie ball – Bungie ball
Use them for tying or attaching tarps or whatever to frames or whatever. πŸ˜‰

Cleared out more stuff at the YST and then went to the barn and started trying to collect tools into their respective boxes/areas and began cleaning out and up my mechanics roll around. And that took several hours. Still just in the process but there is a fair assortment of tools in some order in the roll around now and it’s where it can be moved in and out of the barn.

In the middle of all this Bill came in from feeding the cows and chickens for the neighbor and I suggested that he bring his truck down so we could start on it. He brought it to the barn and we removed the bumper, grill, and drivers fender, along with numerous stuff that just had to move to get to other things. Got the front headlight mount surface straightened, then got a log about 8 inches in diameter and some chain, a big logging hook, a come-along, and a piece of angle iron. Put the angle iron behind the front metal above the frame and ran the chain through a existing hole and around the angle and back out. Hooked the come-along to the ends and drove the big hook into one end of the log. Put the other end of the log against the front of the frame and the other end of the come-along to the hook. Started racheting the cable in. Started to lift the log so Bill stood on it at the hook end. I braced the side and continued tightening and broke a link in the chain. Will get another newer, better chain and go again tomorrow. Looks like it will take enough of the crumple out to let the tire turn without rubbing and allow the headlight mount to be aligned right without much shimming.

Twas about dark so Bill left and I cut the compressor off. Valve working fine btw. 😎 Then to Tims truck and put the charger on trickle for the night. Went to the YST and cut all the chargers off (porta power showing full charge! Will see how it holds it over night as those gell cells are old. ) and locked up there and came in to eat. Did that and started on this really boring description of my day… πŸ™„

Seems like I should have gotten more done but the travel time from one place to the other is significant. Here to the barn is only 200 feet or so if we go out the front but about 500 if we go out the back. From the barn to the YST is about 800. YST to here is about 600 if we go out the back here and in the back there. 😯 A few trips and you have walked a mile or more.

Guess I am gonna see what the feeds have brought and then read a bit and call it a night. More tomorrow… πŸ˜‰

Better and worse

By , January 8, 2008 7:22 pm

Some bits better and some are worse.

Got the Nissan Pathfinder done today. Or as done as I am gonna get it. Air bleed plug is in and fluid topped off, though not in that order. πŸ˜‰ Hatch inside cover put back on with new clips, and light switch disconnected. Steering column reassembled. Lights all working. Coil mounted and relays remounted as they were supposed to be. Done, done, and done.

Got a job that requires air pressure in the tank. Last few times I have needed it it would climb to 120 and sit there for quite a time and I have just been cutting it off. Took the head off the compressor this afternoon to see what the problem was and have got a large hole in a spring steel valve. Spent the rest of the daylight looking for a piece to make another one out of. So far no luck. Gonna go to the yard sale trailer and see if I can find anything over there that will work. After that am gonna take a seat belt roll up unit apart and see what kind of spring they have in them. I know something around here will work. Just gotta find it. πŸ™‚

Got Cat a new hard drive today. Now to figure out what process/program(s) to use to copy the old one to the new one. Old is 120 gb new is 250 gb. Think she wants to dual boot too. Guess I need to download the latest and greatest pclos for her to install.

Looks like we are gonna be selling airsoft products and equipment out of the yard sale trailer soon. Tim got the license today, so I’ve got to clear a bunch of stuff out of the main room asap. Also need to get that bathroom torn out and ceiling repaired. And a entry way built. Bit by bit… 😯 πŸ™„ Ought to be an interesting few weeks, months, whatever till things get to the point they are workable.

Got to get a mail box set at that gate too. And move the boat and camper shell. And clear out all the crap in the back parking lot.

When I said tin, I meant galvanized metal roofing, most likely of the 5v style. Did a price comparison a couple of months ago and per square foot it was cheaper by far than the 3 foot wide stuff. Depending on the amount of rain we get or don’t get tonight and tomorrow, I am hoping to get a start on clearing the area to build the work shed on.

Tis early and all but I think I will close and try for an early day tomorrow.

Would rather be sleeping

By , January 6, 2008 6:11 pm

Most likely gonna be short tonight.

Up and out on a warm sunny Sunday morn. Did a walkover of the playing field to pick up crap and lost and found items. Very little today which is a good thing.

Worked on a Nissan Pathfinder for light problems. Had a wire to the old trailer light plug that was shorted to the latch at the back door. That had burned the contacts in the light switch on the steering column. Cleaned the contacts lubed it all and it works fine. Customer wants me to check on price of new switch to determine if it’s cost effective to replace. I think the repair is good but will check. Suspect it’s a dealer only item and most likely high. Also replaced the dome light.

Replaced the mounting bracket on the coil and fixed a large rusted hole in the inner fender well. Coil was fixing to fall out on to the front tire. Bet that would have been fun. 😯

Still got a pipe that I need to seal off and a weird fitting in the middle of the upper radiator hose that is leaking. Otherwise almost done other than putting the column back together.

Hope to get enough ahead with this repair to get a 12×20 portable garage with ends and sides to put up below the barn so I will have somewhere to work under shelter and not have to take the tools and stuff in every night. Want to go to Tractor Supply tomorrow and check prices on them.

Think I am gonna go rest up in anticipation of a hard night of sleep. πŸ˜‰

1968 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow SRH SOLD

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By , October 31, 2007 10:24 pm

SOLD. Basic info is as follows:

1968 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow SRH – English right hand drive.
This is a complete project car ready for restoration. An opportunity to own, restore, and drive one of the worlds most renowned & respected legendary automobiles for only SOLD.

Serious inquires only – For more information call SOLD

Pictures below the fold.
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Indiana Gazette Online – PHOTO GALLERY: Indiana couple attracts stares with custom hearse

By , July 10, 2007 9:24 pm

Indiana Gazette Online – PHOTO GALLERY: Indiana couple attracts stares with custom hearse

Warped and twisted. I love it!

Future Hybrids: Steam Engine Technology – MSN Autos

By , June 22, 2007 9:07 am

Future Hybrids: Steam Engine Technology – MSN Autos

Just don’t understand the addition of this many more moving parts and additional crap for 14 more hp and 15% (?) gain in efficiency. But I’ve never been a BMW fan either. YMMV

Long week

By , April 13, 2007 9:14 pm

Been trying to get some of this backlog of work caught up. Bug seems to be mostly gone. Still weak and prone to the dizzys but that is mostly allergys I think.

Been working on Aarons car for most of the week. Got the crank drilled out and threaded. Had already machined the pully alignment ring into a groove and then turmed a brass bushing down to fit eh grove. After drilling and tapping the crank had to turn the inside hole on the pully out to fit the new bolt. After fitting it into place there was still a wobble so took it back off (belts and all πŸ™ ) and noted the belt guide had gotten thickened while being hammered with the loose crank pully. Turned that down and then finished it off on the belt sander. Put it back in with a different bolt and then tightened all the belts and cranked it up. Or tried to.

Finaly got Bill to crank and hold his foot on the gas to look at the wobble or lack thereof. Almost totally gone. So now to the no run at idle problem. After 3 days off and on and much knashing of teeth and rending of (whatever the hell you rend) something got the wiriing checked out and a couple of problems fixed and the 5 different vacuum, air, and fuel recovery lines hooked to the proper places. One vacuum port capped off as it should be instead of going ot the vacuum sensor. 8 different cracked rubber lines replaced. The aluminum oxide removed from the distribitor cap. The carb cleaned and blown out. It now runs.

Would have taken it out and around the farm but it now needs another 2 quarts of transmission fluid. Guess I will jack it back up and check the pan bolts as soon as the rain passes.

Got the back doors working at least from the inside. Gonna pull the inside panel from the one that isn’t working on the outside and fix that too. Almost ready to put up for sale. Should make some high school or college student a fair little car. Still needs a steering rack but the one that is there works well enough. Just leaks some.

Hoping to get the cars and crap moved out of the way for the new entry to the airsoft parking lot in the next few days. Next game is April 21. Info at Operation Impending Doom for those interested. Would really like it to be ready for the traffic then.

Got to looking at the old futon frames. Think they will make excellent gates. Or quick and dirty portable baricades with the addition of a couple of feet. Just want something to keep honest folks out anyway.

Hybrid Technologies L1X-75: Zero-60 in 3.1 Seconds, Batteries Included – Popular Mechanics

By , April 8, 2007 1:39 pm

Hybrid Technologies L1X-75: Zero-60 in 3.1 Seconds, Batteries Included – Popular Mechanics

Small, quiet, and looks like a whole lot of fun. Charges off of a 110 volt outlet and has a 6 figure price. Watch the video!

Custom car builder creates world’s fastest office

By , February 21, 2007 8:44 pm

Custom car builder creates “world’s fastest office” – Engadget

Far too much time on his hands…


By , October 10, 2006 9:46 am


Powered by a Changfa diesel engine.  Interesting engine conversion. Note the belt drive.


CanadianDriver: Feature – VW 1-Litre-Car

By , October 10, 2006 9:39 am

CanadianDriver: Feature – VW 1-Litre-Car

Total rethink of the car by VW.  Thing looks cool and the specs are amazing!

jory squibb

By , September 20, 2006 9:11 pm

jory squibb

Builder of the Moonbeam 3 wheeled motorcycle/car/transport. With pics and a basic discription of what he used and how he built it.  Interesting but I don’t feel a burning need to build one of these.  Yet.

Volkswagen Beetle art car on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

By , September 17, 2006 4:39 pm

VW Bug GlasQlt
Volkswagen Beetle art car on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Dave Winer’s new header graphic at Scripting News is a howl!  It’s a picture he took at the “How Berkeley Can You Be parade” today.  Wonderful stuff! Note the tag on the left – GLASQLT, Glass Quilt maybe?  Would fit the car. πŸ˜‰ Lots of other pictures of interesting stuff there too.  Thanks for sharing Dave!

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