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Kubuntu impressions

By , April 9, 2008 11:40 am

Writing this on the Linux machine running on the Kubuntu LiveCD with KDE 4 beta and so far I am impressed. It found all the bits and bobs and booted right up. Doesn’t have Firefox so went into Konqueror and then to Gmail and it loaded right in which I have had trouble with in the past (though haven’t tried recently). Opened a new tab and went to (here) and everything looks just fine.

Plugged the Belkin Wifi adapter into the USB and it came right up. Didn’t connect but still found it with no trouble which PCLOS refuses to do for some reason. Unplugged the ethernet and clicked on the network icon in the toolbar at the bottom right of the screen (after not being able to find any network stuff in the start menu) and it brought up a window with tabs that allowed me to select the wirless and it connected right off with a good 54 mbps connection. reconnected the ethernet and disconnected the wireless and it switched right back over. Good enough! 😎

Lots of my usual apps missing but that looks like only a install away. Gonna get another machine from the Yard Sale Trailer and install it to the hard drive and give it a try. Looks like they have gotten the things that used to bug me worked out with this upcoming release.

Pieces and bits Tuesday

By , April 8, 2008 10:06 pm

Made myself get out of the house a bit today. Walked over to the yard sale trailer to sort some more books out only to find that I had turned the power off last week for the storms adn had failed to turn it back on. So got the pickup (which I had also moved over there to prevent a tree from doing the nasty to it last Friday) and took a ride around the old Airsoft field. Still a big mess out there. The persons that are supposed to clear the mess up haven’t made much headway and today is one month to the day after the last game. Tired of waiting for them to get it in gear so I started cleaning up a bit. Loaded up the truck with bits and pieces in about an hour and called it a morning as I got pretty tired out.

Came back in and ate, then browsed a bit and mid afternoon went out and started a small fire and started burning some of the crap that I picked up. Unloaded most of the stuff in the truck and by supper time had the worst of it taken care of one way or another and was (and am) beat.

Came in and ate then got on the laptop and started downloading the latest Kubuntu beta with KDE 4 to try on the linux box. Decided to try Yellow Dog Linux on the iBook so went to the PCLOS machine and stated the download in there for it. Reason for the switch on downloading is the YDL disk is DVD and the iBook will only burn cd’s but the Linux box has a DVD burner in it. Anyway have got the Kubuntu disk done and am waiting for the YDL to finish downloading to burn it and try them both. Not gonna do any of it tonight though. Bed is calling. Will try to get another load of crap cleaned up tomorrow if I’m not to sore from todays bit. The morning will tell. Till then…

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