Long hot days

By , August 3, 2007 10:47 pm

Been cleaning, fixing, moving, stuff and building and rebuilding the building that is housing it. Books are a real pain when you get as many as we have. But at this point we can’t seem to keep from getting more and more of them. Current rough count on the books on shelves inside the yard sale trailer (which is an old 14 x60 office trailer that I have somewhat gutted and lined with shelves from end to end) are paperbacks 2200 and hardbacks 900. Still need about 40 liner feet of shelving to display them all. Have 25 feet or so of paperbacks that are double stacked but by sliding the front stack can you can see what is in the back. Awkward but works.

Got the first wall of the shelves done in the book room yesterday late. There are 8 rows of shelves about 9 feet long that are 4 inch boards and meant for paperbacks. One shelf around the entire top of the room is complete and on the long walls (about 10 feet long) made out of 12 inch wide 3/4 inch plywood on one side and a 1×12 on the other. The two 9 foot wall shelves are 1×8. Will post pix as soon as I get the cam found (long story – but short form is moved computer station and screwed up something on the main computer so moved to the iBook for main machine, and cam and all the other stuff from the desk top where it was in now in boxes and somewhere in the clutter in the compound somewhere) (and yes that is the short form). Total length of shelving is about 110 feet so far. Planning on doing all four walls so discounting the 3 foot wide door in one 10 foot wall should have about 400 feet of books in the one room.

One more note of interest (to some anyway, maybe), so far the only cost I have in the shelves is that of the screws. Cat went and bought 8 founds of assorted sheet rock screws and spent a little over 17 dollars. I may have used a half a pound so far. With tax the screws cost $1.07 a half pound. I figure to use another pound total on the rest of the shelves so will have a bit over 3 dollars out of pocket. Wood is pallets and crates and such that would other wise cost these folks to take to the landfill. Good wood too.

Got a yard sale going right now too. There are several hundred books that are out there too. Along with a lot of other stuff. Keep getting queries for things we don’t have but some things that we do also. Other folks just look and say yall got a lot of stuff!

Aside for Steve, Sue, and Aaron. Remember the blue and white stripped swing set of Aarons that you gave me, lo those many years ago? We are using two of the side legs to support a metal frame and canvas tarp over part of the sale area. 😉 Thanks for the junk folks!

The hands, arms, and brain are about done in so will close for the moment. More as time and energy permit.

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  1. Steve says:

    Glad to hear that the swing set parts came in useful! I figured they would, eventually, but I never ventured to guess what they would become…too many possibilities.

    In re the plywood for shelving, I spoke with John yesterday and he reminded me that all that plywood was still available at his folks. I haven’t made it over there yet for it, and I guess you haven’t either, with all the “wars” going on over there. I may be going over there real soon to get a motherboard box to RMA it (long story), if I do, would you like me to pick up a load of plywood and drop it off?

    Gotta go work some, it’s almost school time, and there is (of course) loads to do…

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