Called it a day due to the heat

By , August 6, 2007 12:28 pm

Will work on separating and sorting books over here (at the compound/dwelling) till almost dark and then try going back over to BSB (Blue Springs Bazaar or as I have previously called it, the yard sale trailer) to try to finish the last of the shelving in the library room.

Spent a couple of hours over there this morning starting the process of sorting and rearranging the books. Can’t even decide where the categories need to be till we get the basic groups sorted to see how many of what there is. For now I am not even working with the hard backs other than getting them on shelves so they can be seen.

And that’s not to mention the religious books that are still in boxes. Seems like there are 10 or 12 boxes of them that have got to be shelved somewhere.

The area that was the bathroom is soon to be gutted and walled with shelves. I think we can house around 2500 volumes it that area. But first we have to figure out where to store the stuff that is currently stored in there.

Bit by bit I think we’re making some headway but it’s painfully slow. Not to mention painfully hot right now which makes me move a LOT slower than normal.

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