The Register – Odds and Sods: BOFH

By , August 6, 2007 4:12 pm

Well I have been missing getting my BOFH fix for some time now but as I have been using a feedreader to check for new posts I figured I was just missing it seeing it in the mass of posts on the REG everyday. However I have switched to reading my feeds through the google reader (thereby making my feedreading portable and not tied to a single computer) and decided to see if there was a feed for Odds and Sods instead of having to wade through the hundreds of posts a month on the main feed. Anyway, I went to the REG site and found that there was a Odds and Sods feed, so I subscribed. After noting that the latest BOFH was posted on Aug. 3, I went to the google reader to make sure that it was there. But the BOFH posts were still not showing. So I tried going a bit deeper at the REG site and below is what I found:

The Register – Odds and Sods: BOFH
The Register – Odds and Sods: BOFH
Biting the hand that feeds IT
BOFH not available in feeds
Thanks for your interest in the Bastard Operator from Hell. Simon Travaglia, the author of BOFH, has asked us to remove links to his articles from our RSS feeds. We will not restore the BOFH RSS feeds without his permission.

Damn if I can figure out why but it looks like Simon Travaglia has got a problem with RSS feeds or something. So now I get to delete all of the REG links from my feedreader and try to remember to go to the site every week or so and see if a new one has been posted. If I didn’t like the humor so much I’d just say F#*$ it and forget about it, but for now will post links here on the blog for the newest stuff as it shows up, and I find it. Even though it is a REAL pain in the arse to have do so…

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  1. Steve says:

    What do you expect? He is a bastard, after all.
    Maybe he has his own pay-for-feed RSS…wasn’t the PFY talking about that a while back?

  2. Dave says:

    That IS true. I just wonder how many hits he is NOT getting due to folks that only use feedreaders not seeing new articles? Seems kinda like cutting off your nose to spite your face (to use an OLD saying)…

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