One of those days

By , August 28, 2007 11:28 am

Awoke this am to a non functioning iBook hard drive.

After a while with a bottle of ice applied to the outside of the case got the temp down enough to get it back running. Shortly after that went down again. Been having problems with this drive off and on for a while so decided to boot from the external firewire drive. Again with the ice and after a while got it up and going on external drive. Which is what I am running on now.

Guess I will try to replace the internal drive with the broken 80 gb drive that “someone” has left here for a while. Not looking forward to the surgery at all. From what is shown at it looks to be a real pain in the arse. No real rhyme nor reason for them (Apple) to have used 3 different types of screws nor as many of them. Nor is there ANY reason (other than designer stupidity) for the hard drive to be this difficult to get to. But it is and I bought it so I get to try to salvage it.

If I am back on today that means either I decided to continue running on the external drive or I managed to get the internal replaced and going. Or I decided to see if I could get the Linux box back up and going. Or something.

Not a good day for this for me either mentally or physically but computer breakdown wait for no one to feel better…

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  1. Steve says:

    It looks like your day has gone like mine–had a thing or two happen in the computer area today that I have never seen, or heard of, before. Could have done without it, also. And now going home to install a motherboard/processor, and reinstall Windoze. Surely the day will get better, right?
    Please, use the hd that “someone” left over there. I’m sure “someone” would want you to….

  2. Dave says:

    And then as I go (because the rain has started) to take the truck up to the Airsoft village and make sure all the tools had gotten put under cover, the starter solenoid hangs in the truck and no matter what I do won’t quit turning the starter, and I (not feeling up to changing clothes) had left my multi tool and small cressent wrench in the house. So have to (try to) run, in sandals (again as I didn’t feel up to putting on socks and real shoes), into the house to get the tools. By the time I got back out it had come loose and everything was quiet. Except me cursing the @!#$%@#$%^ thing…

    By the time I got to the village, Mongo had gotten everything put up so I came back to the compound and had a lie down.

    Thanks for the ok on using the drive. I ain’t even gonna try to do any computer work (and certainly not laptop/iBook surgery today, and probably not tomorrow either, though that depends on how I feel and am thinking. Fingers are working much better than earlier. Haven’t had to backspace/delete more than I have typed this time, unlike the earlier post I am leaving a reply to. That post was a nightmare to try to get out. Farking lecdistic fingers…

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