Monday before the storm

By , March 3, 2008 9:58 pm

Waiting for it to get this way. Wind has been horrible all day. Took Cat to Pell City to meet with her mother so they could go to the funeral together and then Cat needs to do some maintenance to Martha’s computer and she is on dialup so will take a while to get updates so she is staying the night. We went early and checked out the books at America’s Thrift Store. Ended up buying way too many yet again. Still got a fair number of titles we didn’t have, filled in spots in some of the series we collect, and replaced a couple of book club books with first editions. Soon as Martha showed up I left to get back here. Wind wasn’t quite as bad as it had been going over, but still had a tiring time driving the van. Got back and been sitting and reading for the most part since then. Went out and checked contents at the fridge at the campsite, then turned off power to everything down that way at the barn. Not sure what this storm will bring so better safe than sorry. Till tomorrow…

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