Another one of those days

By , March 18, 2008 9:45 pm

Had plans to do things today. Didn’t. Another of the feel lousy all over and have a splitting headache on top of it kind of days. Guess I will try again tomorrow, but that depends on how bad the storms are when they get to us. At least they’re saying it will be daylight when they get here this time. Hate the night storms much worse than the daytime ones even though both will kill you just as quick. Guess I figure if I can see it coming I’ve got a better chance.

Been rereading some of Lawrence Block’s short storys today. Just finished Like A Lamb To Slaughter and am fixing to start on Sometimes They Bite, and then moving on to Some Days You Get the Bear.
Wonderful stuff!

Tis later than I planned to be up so am gonna close this for now. Till tomorrow…

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