Thursday finished

By , March 6, 2008 10:33 pm

Another nothing day. Sorted and shifted some books. Made notes on which books we have in some of the collections and posted some lists to the blog. Got to do some searching for software to handle this stuff. Have looked in the past to no avail, but hope there is something out there now, if nothing else some thing that is done in perl or php that I can modify as needed for both collections and book sales. Anyway, did some reading and a lot of sitting and not much else. Hope tomorrow will be better. Till then.

Books by Alan Dean Foster

By , March 6, 2008 7:56 pm

A very prolific Sci-Fi Author. Haven’t counted the total number of books he has written but we have 57 of them. Now that I have started with the lists looks like I am gonna have to start looking for quite a few more to fill in gaps I didn’t know were there. List of books taken from his page at wikipeoda and below the fold as usual…

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Books by Lawrence Block

By , March 6, 2008 10:43 am

This list of books (below the fold) by Lawrence Block is taken from his Wikipedia page, doesn’t list all of his short story collections (of which I have 3), but seems to be up to date on the series that he writes. At present it looks like we have 37 of these, though I would have sworn that we had more of the Scudder novels. Got to get into the front of the Q-hut and see what has gotten shuffled in there that shouldn’t have.

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