Saturday after the final game

By , March 8, 2008 7:39 pm

Had a pretty good group show up today snow and all. I think they fielded 30 for the first game. They have found another field fairly close by (about 8 to 10 miles from here) and are planning on having the next game in about 6 weeks from what I have heard.

Got a dutch oven full of country style ribs cooking. Should be ready to eat in another 15 to 20 minutes. Hope they are as good as they smell. Another night of driving the cats crazy cooking outside.

And they were as good as they smelled. 😎 And I ate too much but just couldn’t help myself.

The day is done and so am I. Fire going in the Ashley woodburner and everyone gone from the camp. Thinking about going to the flea markets on 431 in the morning. Just not up to the trip to Mountain Top so gonna keep it a bit more local. Gonna read for a bit then hit the sack. Till tomorrow… 😎

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