Monday here and there

By , March 10, 2008 6:21 pm

Went out this am to get the bills paid for another month. Did so with a stop at the Salvation Army thrift store where many books were examined and far too many purchased. Quite a few first editions in good condition there today. After a couple of additional stops to hand over money for insurance and another month of electricity we turned south and were shortly in Munford. Saw a small antique store that was open and stopped. Picked up a couple of pieces of cast iron at rather low prices and as we were leaving asked about a flat earth/rock tamper that I think she had been using as a door prop. She said it was for sale and at the price it too came with us. We then proceeded to Talladega and managed to get completely lost for quite some time. Saw a lot of the wrong side of town that I had no idea existed. Finally extracted ourselves, located the highway and returned by a roundabout way. The remainder of the day has been spent mostly asleep as by the time we got back I was not feeling well at all. Still not doing too good but better I think. Getting this done early as I am going to lay back down and read for a bit and most likely doze back off for the evening. Till the morrow…

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