Tuesday at the yard sale trailer

By , March 11, 2008 9:26 pm

Spend quite a bit of the day at the yard sale trailer, clearing things out, moving stuff, fixing stuff, and putting the stovepipe back on the woodburner and building a support framework around it. Cat came over and has boxed quite a few of the romance books as well as cleared the stuff out of the library room so we can get to the books again. We are going to remove the benches from the back of the van and are planning on putting them in the library back to back for seating/storage. Getting the stuff other than books and certain pieces ready to move to Flamingo Trade Day. Figure 2 days a week there and 2 or 3 open here with the books and better stuff should keep us going. Just got to get things ready to go. Woodburner works fine with the flue reinstalled. Need to find a bunch of old carpet to use on the ramp to the front entry. Got some at the barn. Just got to see what is there that is usable. If we use all the shelves in the main room and halls looks like 6500 books. Adding the old bathroom and back hall should take it to between 8000 and 9000. Add in the existing library with 2500 or so and 10000 is doable and still room for lots of other stuff in the two end rooms. Gonna hit the sack and start chipping at it again tomorrow. Till then…

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