Books by Agatha Christie

By , March 5, 2008 6:19 pm

Below the fold/more link, there is a list of 88 mysteries by Agatha Christie, some with several different titles, and I am sure that there are some missing. Of these, on the living room shelves we have 66 of them (and many more in the front of the Q-hut), with several different printings/editions of some.

Gonna have to look into setting up a database for this stuff rather than the way I am doing it right now. Maybe one of these days… πŸ™„

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Tuesday again

By , March 4, 2008 11:01 pm

Was a long night up listening to the storm. And then a long day doing nothing much but shelving a few books and reading a good bit. Hoping I get more sleep tonight and the morrow is a better day. Till then…

Monday before the storm

By , March 3, 2008 9:58 pm

Waiting for it to get this way. Wind has been horrible all day. Took Cat to Pell City to meet with her mother so they could go to the funeral together and then Cat needs to do some maintenance to Martha’s computer and she is on dialup so will take a while to get updates so she is staying the night. We went early and checked out the books at America’s Thrift Store. Ended up buying way too many yet again. Still got a fair number of titles we didn’t have, filled in spots in some of the series we collect, and replaced a couple of book club books with first editions. Soon as Martha showed up I left to get back here. Wind wasn’t quite as bad as it had been going over, but still had a tiring time driving the van. Got back and been sitting and reading for the most part since then. Went out and checked contents at the fridge at the campsite, then turned off power to everything down that way at the barn. Not sure what this storm will bring so better safe than sorry. Till tomorrow…

Nothing much Sunday

By , March 2, 2008 8:55 pm

Got up, ground coffee beans, fixed coffee, drank coffee, fixed oatmeal, ate oatmeal, looked at map to Scottsboro, noted how far it was and decided to go to Mountain Top instead. Went to Mountain Top, walked the rows, found nothing, left and went by grocery store in Southside to get sandwich meat, ate lunch at the power co picnic spot by the dam at Ohatchee, came home, put up more books and then started rearranging book shelves to get more room. Some folks came over and we talked for a while then ate supper, and now I am typing this. Long day, nothing much done. Got to carry Cat to Pell City to her great aunt’s funeral tomorrow so am gonna call it an early night. Till tomorrow…

Saturday on the book hunt

By , March 1, 2008 9:35 pm

Started out at the Poor Man’s Trade Day just to get a feel for the crowd. Quite a few folks both selling and buying. Picked up 6 paperbacks and 1 hardback mysteries all.

Moved on to Flamingo Trade Day where we ran into a guy that is selling nothing but books. Found a few titles and talked trade for a while. Nice guy, and has a good selection of books of all kinds. Will be paying him a visit on a regular basis. Bought 11 books from him.

Headed back toward Gadsden then turned onto Green Valley Road and out at the light in Southside on 77 to Rainbow City and for the 3rd time this week Eagle Rock Thrift Store. They keep putting more out and I gotta keep going back. πŸ™„ Got 30 paperback and 9 hardbacks there. Decided to see where the road went that Eagle Rock was on and ended up in down town Gadsden within about 3 miles. Went from there to Atalla and a small thrift store we try to hit a couple of times a year and picked up a few books there. Very slim pickens there today. Wandered around town and checked out several of the antique shops. Interesting place. Several new shops have opened since our last trip there. Gonna have to go earlier in the day next time we make the trip.

Back out to 77 and Green Vally and 432 to Saks Winn Dixie and then home. Been shelving books since other than for a short bit cooking and eating supper. Still got piles to get in place. Need more shelves. Which entails moving a large amount of dirt, and a mobile home. Then gutting and rebuilding said mobile home. And moving more dirt and another mobile home. Then I’ll have a courtyard about 60 feet square with buildings housing books surrounding it on 3 sides. 😎 Waiting is…

Tomorrow, we are gonna try to go to Scottsburrow (sp???) 1st Monday which goes for 3 days from what I have heard. Hope so. πŸ™„ If not we’ll have a nice ride anyway. Till tomorrow… 😎

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