Thursday and done

By , May 22, 2008 9:45 pm

Another day done and done. Got a bit accomplished but still not near as much as I would have liked.

Steve brought over some ram this am and I installed a stick in both Cat’s XP box and my PCLOS box. Thanks Steve! Both of them are running a lot better and faster! Though I must say that it made a lot more difference to the linux machine than the other one. πŸ˜‰

Got out after lunch and picked up some blades and an allen wrench to go with the Delta Jigsaw that we gave my dad for his birthday today. He turned 81 and is still going strong. While out and at Warren Ace Hardware in Jacksonville got some sheet rock screws. Got a bunch of stuff that I need to build and finish up that I needed them for. Also checked the price on corrugated roofing at Lowe’s but forgot to check the length of the camper so didn’t get any. Want to replace the plastic on top of. Need to go to Collinsville on Saturday and pick up some more of the large washer headed screws to put the metal on with.

Just went out and measured the length and the body is 10 feet long, so the 12 foot stuff will work just fine adding in the foot overhang at the back. Still got to measure from side to side but I think 5 sheets will be enough to cover the top and come down on the sides to just above the windows and leave several corrugations at each overlap for a good water seal. Will need to get another sheet to cover the front but may be able to get away with a 8 foot piece for that. Will have to do some more measuring in the daylight to see for sure.

Picked up a bunch more tomato and pepper plants while at the folks today. Now got to get all of them in the ground. Time to get the sawsall out and cut up a bunch more tires to make planters out of. All its gonna take is energy…

Tis not that late but I am about done in, so until tomorrow… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Steve says:

    You know you’re a geek when a blog won’t let you comment because of the operating system you’re running, so you boot up another machine. Mildly annoying, but I’m not going to let Windozephobia stifle ME.

    You’re welcome. And I have noticed also that there is usually more performance boost from addtional RAM with Linux than with Windoze–I think Windoze PURPOSELY throws more “overhead” on the fire when there is more RAM to burn. I just didn’t have the energy to do anything with either machine. Though this one (Athlon 1300 MHz, 256 MB of RAM) runs really, really NICE with Puppy. If I can figure out a couple things (and I bet I can–I haven’t really tried yet but this distro really gives Linux a good name for useability) I may just say the hell with it and run it from the disk. I have a hard time seeing why I shouldn’t, actually.

    Had a kinda different day–got some stuff done, the usual variety, and spent some time with the servers. One just quit–I mean, it shut down completely–but I think it was a UPS thing and not a server thing. Spent some more time configuring the Xserve–it’s different, and taking time to learn. If I knew Unix command line it would be a cinch–no shock there, since it IS BSD Unix. The GUI is nice, but different, and we are still getting our minds around it. When we get to the point of actually being able to work at it on two consecutive days rather than every 3rd or 4th one, I’m sure the learning curve will begin to be less vertical–it helps when you do it often enough to remember where the heck everything–or even the basics–is/are. Waiting/learning is…

    Well, it’s bedtime, so I will begin a managed shutdown of the machines, I guess. Have a good one.

  2. Steve says:

    And NOW it lets the Windoze machine comment. This has happened before–I can’t comment on one machine, comment from another, and then the first works. What the hell, tomorrow is Friday….

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