Not much Tuesday

By , May 27, 2008 10:19 pm

Spent some time cutting weeds this morning. Got the area around the critter feeding station cleared and then hit an old bicycle seat. Bent the blade again. Continued cutting anyway. Cut the parking area at the yard sale trailer and most of the front and drive side areas and started on the back when I realized I had been in the sun too long and quit. Cat came over and brought water and I came back over here and inside for a while and cooled off. Went out front with tools of destruction and started cleaning the lumber Steve and Aaron brought over. Worked on it till the sun got to me again and called it a day for outside work. Haven’t gotten to the 12 foot piece that broke my face yet, but will have to do something special with it, just not sure what yet…

After that the day was downhill. Have been sitting or lying down reading. Guess I should have taken another day off but things needed to be done, so I did. Will see what the morrow brings. Till then… 😉

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  1. Steve says:

    Well, refresh is just the way to do it, I guess. It works, anyway…

    Had a fairly busy day yesterday, as usual for this time of year. Some video stuff, some moving of computers/files, and some “other”. Had the baccalaureate last night (had to go to spellcheck for that one), it was a nice service. Came home and the Internet was down, so ended up basically eating tuna sandwiches and going to bed. Not a bad thing, was kinda worn out. Obviously it is working again, so now I’m going to download ImageBurn (like I was going to last night) and see about burning some more videos to DVD. Class slideshow for a teacher–had a little fun capturing it, but now I know just the way to do it–at least until I figure out a way to do it all digitally….

    Yeah, come up with something special for that 2x4x12. I’m out of ideas for the moment, but I’m sure something will come to you. If I get one, I’ll let you know.

    Now, Burner On!

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