Another weary Wednesday

By , May 28, 2008 10:44 pm

Got out and did a bit more nail pulling this morning, then it started to sprinkle. Got the tools up and put them inside, then went to the camp across the creek and got the pieces of a shelter and brought them back and put it up out front. Covered it with the 10 x 12 canvas tarp and moved a couple of saw horses underneath and got the tools back out. By which time I had run out of energy. And the rain stopped about the time I crossed the creek to get the pieces of the shelter. But it’s up and will keep both rain and sun off when I feel up to cleaning more lumber.

Been inside, mostly lying down and reading the rest of the day. Did take a bit of time and set up PCLOS to print to the network printer. Was the easiest time I have had setting up a printer under linux. Done through the Administration Center and all automatic. Nice! Other than that and a bit of reading feeds, I used svn to get a copy of WordPress 2.5.2-alpha and installed it here on the local network to play with. As I said in an earlier post it ran so good I decided to try it on this site. Seems to be working fine. Nothing visible as far as I can see change wise. From what I have read most if not all of the changes are under the hood. Time will tell…

Think I am going to check the feeds and hit the sack. May go out and about tomorrow depending on the weather. Till then… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Steve says:

    Well, still logged in after leaving the machine on overnight. Was up till 11:00 burning DVDs for teachers. Doing the last ones now, and then getting ready to go to work. Last day of school, so it will probably be interesting/busy.

    Going to have to do another download/burn of a PCLOS disk–the one I got from you a while back didn’t install right when I tried it this weekend. The CUPS subsystem was totally screwed. Oh, well, it happens. Going to see what I can do with some parts around here and get a Frankenstein going. John came by the other day and left a box of stuff, including an Athlon motherboard, so I should be able to do something with that. Athlon on it has a 1999 date, so it won’t be a speed demon, but it’s still an Athlon. And if the motherboard will take it (haven’t had a chance to look up the specs yet) I have a CPU or two I can put in there. If you’re reading, thanks , John, I’ll try again to get in touch with you. It’s been crazy…

    Well, on the last disk (“And there was much rejoicing!”). After that, it will be about time to get dressed and go. Once more into the fray, dear friends….

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