Monday pieces and bits

By , March 31, 2008 8:50 pm

Called Apple A Day this am and they have the D-Ribose in stock so we headed that way. Got there and got it. Nice helpful folks. Then since I hate to waste a trip we went to Goodwill, browsed, and got a few books. From there went to American Thrift Store in Rainbow plaza shopping center. Again browsed around, found a few books and I found a dress jacket that fits like it was tailored for me for $2.00! Ate lunch in the parking lot and I took my first dose of the D-Ribose. Then went to Eagle Rock Thrift Store and got some more books. And home we came after a short stop for groceries. I had a reaction to something at Eagle Rock which wasn’t pleasent but otherwise the trip went okay. Dropped Cat and the books and stuff off at the house, got my tools, scope, and cap tester at the yard sale trailer and went and worked on a video game monitor that the parts had come in for. Got it fixed, adjusted and reassembled without too much trouble. Also got the parts in for a pinball machine that I’ll get on tomorrow. Came home and Cat had supper ready so ate and took the second dose. Supposed to take 3 5 gram doses a day. Seems to have an effect on muscle pain and soreness within 30 minutes or so but it could be wishful thinking. From what I have read should take 10 days or so to have a noticeable effect. Will see how it goes.

For now am gonna go through some of the books we got today and then hit the sack Till tomorrow…

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  1. Steve says:

    ‘Twas a Monday, but not too bad as Mondays go, except for my sinuses. THEY were bad–the pine (or whatever) pollen has just nuked them. Will have to pick up some more med today, I have used up all the stuff that works, and tried the other stuff and it didn’t. Seem a little bit better this morning, but that might be wishful thinking on my part as well. Of course, sleeping sitting up for the last half of the night may have helped, too, since I couldn’t breathe through my nose at all, making the CPAP useless. Maybe the rain will wash away some of this stuf. Yeah, and maybe it will stimulate more production–I ain’t no botanist, so I don’t know…

    Will be trying to get some more stuff straightened out on the video conferencing today. Don’t you just love it when two different vendors “implement a standard differently”? Gee, I know I do. Makes me think of Micro$oft and the OOXML “standard”. Makes me want to puke, even more than what’s draining from my head.

    Well, off to the day we go!

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