Linus versus GNOME

By , April 5, 2008 5:14 pm

Linus versus GNOME

Now I understand why I don’t like GNOME. God knows I’ve tried MANY times to use it, on several different distros, and never been able to get past the fact that I couldn’t get there from here. There were always things I COULD do in KDE, EASILY that were seemingly impossible in GNOME. Now after reading the article I understand that one of the underlying principle of GNOME is to make things EASY by REMOVING options. HUH??? Sorry folks but that AIN’T the way I work and now that I understand that is the way GNOME is MEANT to be I won’t try waste my time with it again. IMHO Linus is right and GNOME is wrong. Options SHOULD be easy to both find and change. Taking away the users ability to change things is one of the big mistakes I’ve seen MicroSloth making more and more with each new version of their OS and one of the reasons I moved to Linux. I really hate to see any Linux distro and/or desktop being dumbed down like this! But now that I know what the problem is I will make sure to point out that if you want to be able to make your own decision’s just use KDE. Simple enough. Thanks again Linus!

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