Thursday done

By , April 17, 2008 11:01 pm

Been a day of going in circles. Started out with chasing a self playing file that wasn’t 😉 and went downhill from there. Have been having database trouble and after finally getting signed up and logged into the forums at my hosting service it looks like it may be a malformed htaccess file or a bad php.ini file instead. But then I get to the point of backing up some databases and the file manager program tells me the database is not working correctly and to tell the hosting company. Talk about circles.

Then I get an email telling me that one of our clients sites that has two parked domains on it is down. Turns out that the main site is still okay but the two parked domains are pointing to never-never land on someone else’s server. By now it’s dark and I still haven’t gotten past the looking at the e-commerce programs but I stop and spend another couple of hours trying to find where they are pointing and why. Remove them and reinstall from two different control panels and still no joy. So I submit a trouble ticket to the hosting company (another one than the one my sites are on). Get an email back in a little while that says it all looks fine on their end and just wait a few hours for things to propagate across the DNS system. I check and it all looks the same which I tell them and point out that we had not changed anything and why were they pointing elsewhere in the first place. Haven’t checked my mail since so ??? who knows where that is.

Then start on getting problems straightened out with our sales domain. Had two different ones and lost one but kept the other. Trouble was the one we lost was the one the databases were pointed to. So spent a while with phpMyAdmin poking and prodding data and getting all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed. Finally got the blog back up. Now to install the updates… 🙄 Got Cat a ftp account on the site and made a redirect to the blog. Still haven’t gotten the database backed up. Or submitted a trouble ticket on it. Or started on installing the e-commerce program. Or working on the van. But I did manage to pinch a nerve in my back by turning around while walking across the living room this morning. Still feels real good… 🙁 Will check the sites one more time for DNS propagation and then am gonna call it a night and start chasing my tail again in the morning… Till tomorrow… 😉

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  1. Steve says:

    Sounds like one of those NICE days. I have them occasionally, except for when I have them often. Sounds a LOT like Monday before last, and much of Tuesday before last. This too, shall pass….

    I had the usual potpourri of a day. Spent some time researching CCTV cable pinouts. May have to see you with some equipment and see if we can just take it apart and see what is going over what wire. Need to build a breakout box, which, If I can determine the pinout, is not going to be a big deal, even for me. But determining the pinout is turning into a PITA.

    Afterwards, more of this and that, including having Cableone FINALLY figure out what is causing the hum bars at the elementary school. Still have to fix it, but they believe they have the offending hardware pinpointed. “And there was much rejoicing!”

    Went to a benefit dinner last night at the wife’s parents’ bequest. Nice as such things go, and we left (one at a time and circumspectly) when the main speaker started. Normally don’t do that, but I have major philosophical issues with the speaker in question, and would not have gone unless I could leave at that point. Silly, in a way, but then again, I have reached that point in life where I just aini’t going to do stuff that I don’t really want to do. And I DIDN’T want to listen to him.

    Well, it’s Friday, so it’s “let’s just make it through today!” day again. 😎 That seems to be the prevailing attitude on Fridays, and I think I’m going to hop on the boat meself. I have several things going that I can advance whilst whittling away the day. Have one thing I can finish, even. Hope your day goes better than yesterday.

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