Sunday turning wrenches

By , April 20, 2008 8:28 pm

Found the valve cover gasket I bought right after we got the pickup truck several years ago and then never installed. Rounded up the tools and started removing the valve cover a little before ten this morning. What with a dropped bolt that never made it to the ground, a loose EGR pipe connection with frozen fitting and after all was said and soundly cursed an alternator that no longer worked, it was after 2 when I finally got it done. The bolt was behind the lower radiator hose. The EGR pipe connection now has high temp RTV on, around and in it. And the alternator will get a new connector should it give any more trouble.

As far as I can tell without putting much millage on it the oil leak is fixed. Now just need to fix the power steering pump front seal, and get the tires balanced and it will be road worthy again.

Put the camper shell back on, put the tool box in the back, along with an ice chest (empty but clean inside), and a couple of chairs, so we are somewhat ready to go somewhere, sometime. Soon.

After the time I have spent without doing much was totally worn out after that little bit of work so came in and took it easy for a while. Went out around 4 and got some fuel for the truck and that was when we decided to get the tires balanced. Also going to let some air out of the back ones. Had them at 35 psi for hauling heavy loads but they are way too bouncy at that pressure. Got back and ate and lay down for a bit.

About dark went over to the Yard Sale Trailer to check on some stuff and when coming back I noticed that the boat was missing. Came back over here and called Bill to see if he had moved it but he hadn’t. So looks like some low life stole it. The gate on that side is now locked and will stay that way unless we are over there. I’ll get the barbed wire and redo the fence on that side too. Not that the boat is any great loss. I was going to use it for a tomato bed this year since we had had such good luck selling it last year but it still pisses me off that someone would just pull up and steal it. And am LMAO at the amount of work they will have to go through to get it water worthy again. 😈 Sucker had either come loose from the trailer at highway speeds or hit something really hard in the water, cause it had been folded in half (fiberglass) just in front of the middle seat. Hope the arsehats have fun…

Guess I will close for the night. The fingers and the brain are not working together right now and the corrections are driving me nuts. πŸ™„ Till tomorrow… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Steve says:

    Sounds like a more productive day than I. Just been one of those weeks that never quite jelled, and today was even better. Think I’m on the upswing now, but that’s what they told the hanging man also…. 😎

    Hope the guys that took the boat take it into the water without checking–or better yet, have it come off the trailer in the path of a state trooper. “I know that time heals all wounds, but I would feel even better if I knew that time wounds all heels!”

    “Tomorrow is another day….”

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