A very Monday Tuesday

By , April 29, 2008 10:21 pm

Haven’t gotten much at all accomplished today, except fixing lunch and spending way too much time staring at the computer screen. Not sure if what I am going through (and Cat has had) is allergies or if we have had a bug, or both. Today has been achy joints and sore/hurting muscles with a sore throat and headache. Not pleasant and very hard to concentrate on the things I need to be doing, so I more or less took the day off. Hoping tomorrow will work out better. Till then…

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  1. Steve says:

    Hmmm…thought I was logged in on this machine, but come to think of it, that was before the Great Upgrade Fun. So, I guess I had to login again. No biggie, just like to know WHY. And don’t even HAVE to know that, but sometimes it prevents me from making the same error twice. And sometimes it doesn’t…

    Had a Monday on Tuesday meself, but not too bad. Did get some stuff done. And some stuff blew up on me, like the hd in a machine that I had 90% done. Oh well, at least it blew up on me before I got it back to the classroom. Would have been nice if it had thrown the errors sooner…anyway, I have another drive in there going through a 3rd checkout–fast check before wiping, extended check before wiping, wipe it, and one more extended check after wiping. If I don’t wear the sucker out checking it it should be good to go.

    Got to try to stay in the workbuilding today and stay focused on finishing a few machines, so I can get to some MORE machines. C’est la vie.

  2. Dave says:

    Yea, the login thing is bugging me a bit too. With the new version sometimes Firefox doesn’t save the login info. Guess that is a good thing in a way. At least makes it more secure for using shared computers but does make for those of us that have more than one or two blogs have to keep a notebook of login passwords. Course since I have taken to using ScribeFire it saves all that for the ones it updates which that makes it easier for posting but it doesn’t work for comments.

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