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By , May 24, 2008 8:50 pm

Started out the day at the service station where fuel had increased over $.25 a gallon since the last fillup. Ended up putting $55.00 in the tank. πŸ™ Anyway headed toward Gadsden and stopped and got some oil at the Dollar General there. Put half a quart in and headed out toward 211 and then 11 and to Collinsville. Was 42 miles that way vs 48 or 49 via Center with much better roads and we made better time too.

Got into the parking lot after quite a pileup of traffic getting both in and out but mostly out. Had an oriental dude be a serious jerk in not letting a jeep into line in front of him that kept both lanes blocked for about 5 minutes. Only takes one arsehat to block it all up…

Anyway got a parking place and headed into the fray. Right off found a solid copper tin lined chaffing dish that the guy wanted 6 for and took 5. Needs a bit of tlc and should then bring several times the original investment. After that was just about a washout. Got some screws that I needed to put the metal roofing on the camper and to finish the porch on the south side of the trailer and found a leather pouch to replace the pos that I have been using lately but other than that didn’t find anything. Or rather didn’t find anything that I was willing to pay the asking price for nor wanted enough to haggle over.

Did meet a fellow, name of Dale and his wife, from above Gunersville. He’s quite a talented wood carver and they have a booth there. I got to looking at his carving clamp and we struck up a conversation. Cat got some pictures of his setup that I will post as soon as she gets it off the camera. Gonna have to make something similar to use with some of my woodworking.

After we left there went and ate lunch at the picnic table in the gazebo in downtown Attalla. Had the company of a dude wearing a signboard that said “I’m a thief – I stole”. Asked him about it and he said that it was spend two days there with it on or 60 in the lockup. Don’t think it made much of a difference to him. Suspect he will be back in trouble but next time will have to spend the time in the lockup…

Waked around and hit some of the Antique shops and junk stores while there. Found a couple of books and Cat got a blouse and a skirt. Then the heat and amount of walking we had done took over and homeward we turned.

Ended up in 3 different grocery stores when we got back but managed to get most of what we were after for the weekend and then headed on home.

Got here and watered plants and fixed supper then been reading and browsing since. Am going to hit the sack early again tonight as I want to go to Flamingo’s and Bill’s flea markets in the morning and would like to get there before the heat of the day hits. Suspect that we will end up going to other places too so am gonna plan ahead and take lunch with us again. Sure makes it cheaper and easier to afford a day or two out and about to do it that way. Almost offsets the price of gas these days. Anyway, till the morrow… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Steve says:

    Sounds like an interesting day. Going to have to get up there again–to Collinsville, I mean. It’s been a while. There was a guy selling furniture across the road one time that had a chair that I really want. Kind of a divan, but not really. I would like to find plans and make it, or get someone to make one, but I haven’t found anything that close yet. Need to go see if he may still be up there, but I was working at the radiator shop when I saw that (as nearly as I can recollect) so that makes it 8+ years ago. It’s been awhile…

    Going to get some stuff done as far as computer work today if it harelips me. Feeling a little “ugh”–got up about 1:15 with an, uh, “intestinal complaint” and still feeling that. Not sure if I trust myself (or certain portions of myself, you might say…) to go to church. We’ll see in a little bit. But one way or another I’m going to get a dual boot machine going in here, and get something with Puppy up and see if I can get it turned into a print server. I’m just AMAZED at how easy it is to use Puppy–many things are easier to figure out than the Windoze equivalents. And MUCH easier than finding it in Vista. Yes, I know Vista is Windoze, but it is such a IPOS (Incredible Piece Of Something) that I believe it deserves special, separate mention. Love the article I saw yesterday where Steve Ballmer (a guy who makes me ashamed of my name) said that Vista was selling well–almost 100% of consumer machines, and 45% of business machines. Well duh! Like the average consumer would know HOW to get something other than Vista on their machine (and many would like to–I have talked to NO ONE who WANTS Vista–they are just stuck with it). But over half of the businesses (who usually have IT departments that know the difference, and know that they can play vendor against vendor to get what they want–and do) get something else–XP Pro, I’m sure. Gotta wonder if they saw Puppy what they would do–wonder if Wine runs on Puppy? You know, for the difference in price, you could pop in a BUNCH more RAM at today’s prices and run all KINDS of virtualization at a decent speed. I haven’t done it yet (I plan to), but the thought of running Puppy on the Core 2 Duo I have at work with a gig of RAM almost SCARES me. I mean, it might be like running the Enterprise above Warp Factor 10–it might run so fast as to tear a hole in the space/time continuum. Hmm…must try it now–if the universe falls apart later today, blame me….

    Well, I’ve ranted and raved enough for now. Will see/talk to you later. Oh, that reminds me–is there a free linux-based p2p VOIP app out there? I mean, why can’t we set up some kind of connection and just talk? It’s just packets, right? Food for thought…

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