Another Sunday, another possibility

By , May 25, 2008 9:50 pm

Got it up and going this morning, fixed breakfast and lunch and headed out to Flamingo and Bill’s Flea markets. Walked around a bit and got a few bits and pieces. Mostly 25, 50 cent and $1 items. Browsed the book stand and struck up a conversation with Lloyd, the guy that sells the books. He mentioned that he was thinking about getting a building that is out there instead of renting another booth (as he is out of space). I talked to him a bit and then we went and talked to Butch (the owner of Flamingo’s) and walked over and looked at the building. It’s about 28 by 40 and they are asking 275 a month for it, which figures out to about 34.38 a day for the 8 days a month they are open. If we take half that would be 17.19 per working day that we would have to bring in to make rent. Figuring in fuel at around 20 mpg or a little better we’re looking at almost 2 gallons a day or another 7.56 a day (at current fuel prices) for a total of 24.75 a day that we’d have to “clear” just to break even and that’s not counting food, drinks, and car insurance.

I’m thinking I’m gonna have to pass and just go back to doing it at the yard sale trailer. That takes no rent, no fuel and only takes about 5 minutes to walk over there to open up on the days we do so. Guess I will go over and look things over in the morning and see what all is gonna need to be done to open the doors again.

After we spent way too much time talking about that we walked over to Bill’s and I bought a silver chaffing dish with alcohol burner (really nice piece!) and Cat bought a box of comics (228 pieces). Just what we both needed, but at the price(s) both deals were just about impossible to turn down. I will have to admit that she got the better deal as I paid $20 for the chafing dish and she got all the comics for $30. They are in good condition too. All are in plastic sleeves and most look unread. Time and ebay will tell… πŸ˜‰

Left there and went up to Germania Springs and ate lunch and then rode down to Marvin’s and Lowe’s and priced metal roofing. Looks like Lowe’s is going to be the winner on corrugated metal as they are over a $1 less a sheet on the 8 and 12 foot stuff but they don’t have the 5 V which is what I wanted to use on the porch and needed 22 sheets of. Marvin’s has it at 9.03 a sheet so may bite the bullet and go with it rather than the cheaper corrugated at Lowe’s. Guess I need to take a micrometer and check the thickness at both places and see if it is the same quality. The stuff at Lowe’s seems thinner to the touch. May just be my imagination but I think I will get the micrometer out and take it with me when I go back. Should thrill them if I get caught and explain what I am doing… πŸ˜‰

As we were both about beat after Lowe’s we came home and Cat crashed for a bit. I finished a book I was reading and then went down to the old camp site and moved the propane grill up to the camper out back here. Fired it up to burn it off and got it ready to cook some burgers for supper. Came in and fixed the burgers. Washed and cut some potatoes in half and sliced up an onion, buttered the inside of the potatoes, added salt and pepper and put slices of onion between the potato halves, then wrapped them in foil and put them on the grill to cook. When they started getting soft took a pan of cooked baked beans out and put it on the top rack to warm and put the burgers on to cook. Twas all good eaten! Still got 2 burgers and 4 potatoes to eat later.

Came in and been browsing and reading feeds since supper. Think I may hit the sack early. Been a lot of walking and sun the last 2 days and I am sure feeling it tonight. So till tomorrow… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Steve says:

    Well, been a computer day here. Took my main machine (Dell Dimension 2400) and put in a new (to the machine, anyway) hard drive and some more RAM to get it to 768 MB and partitioned the drive and put XP Pro on it. Runs pretty good, for XP. Got a 2.6 GHz P4 in it, so it goes OK. Gee, there are a lot of updates and additional things to load with Windoze–not that I didn’t know it, but I did this yesterday with a machine at work and then again today with this one. Had to actually talk to one of the New Delhi crew yesterday, but got off with a little conversation with Microsoft Millie to day. Microsoft Millie is what I call Redmond’s voice-recognition-based XP activation program. I diss Micro$oft a lot, but I gotta give it to them on that voice recognition program–the sucker really works. Maybe the one they have in the Fords works OK too–but I still don’t trust it. (What’s really funny is the spellchecker that is highlighting my misspellings accepted Micro$oft with the $ instead of an s with not a single qualm. I think I like this spellchecker…Service Pack 3 rolls up a lot of updates, though. Went from ~ 100 to about 7, not counting hardware-specific stuff. Of course, SP# takes a while…

    Which leads me to the OS I am using at the moment–PCLinuxOS. Strangely enough, the spellchecker DOESN’T like that one–did someone declare National Irony Day and I missed it? PCLinuxOS is running just fine from the CD right now, and I guess I’m about to install it on the other partion on this HD. Kubuntu went straight into an ash shell, which made an ash of me, so I stuck in PCLinuxOS and it is doing fine. I’m listening to Dan Fogelberg from the NTFS partition and surfing the web, and have not had a single burp yet. I do this crap at work with Windoze and I have interruptions on a regular basis. I mean, the interruptions are regularly timed, like it can only play so long while something else is going on before it loses it and has to stutter in the middle of a song. I think someone has been working on Amarok–before when I selected all the songs in a folder, it would play the first one and quit–right now it’s playing away like a champ–on song three since I started this comment. THIS is how a computer is SUPPOSED to work! Hell, UNIX had multitasking going on 3 decades ago on hardware that wasn’t anywhere NEAR as fast or had as much memory as what this machine does, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. The surprising thing is how often Windoze can’t do it. Then again, maybe it”s no surprise at all…

    Well, I really ought to get the install going, but I hate to stop Dan. Oh, well, I guess even PCLinuxOS can’t install AND play music at the same time. Maybe the next edition….I could put in a change request….try THAT crap with Windoze.

  2. Steve says:

    Damn! I wish Windoze installed that fast! And out of the box I was able to watch an AVI file that Media Player 11 played audio only. (Though it did kindly show the nice 1960s imaged to go with the movie–since the movie is in Polish or German or something with subtitles, that didn’t really help a bunch…)

    Now all I have to do is be sure that Windoze will boot, but I bet it will. PCLinuxOS is about the easiest install I have ever done, except that LILO (the default choice of bootloader) ALWAYS fails with me, so I choose GRUB, and it works fine. ???? Oh, well, if that’s the biggest complaint I can come up with, then I’m doing good…

  3. Steve says:

    Well, I’m back. In Windoze, which booted REAL fast, since it has only been up and running bout 10 hours, so it hasn’t had time to cruft up yet. This was just a test boot, going to stay in Linux all I can. Going to bed now, feeling good about what I have done today, for a change. Think I’ll leave the old, slower stuff to Puppy….woof woof!

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