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By , May 30, 2008 9:25 pm

Left out this morning about 9:30 and made a stop at the post office in Alexandria so Cat could ship some E-Bay stuff out. From there headed to Poor Man’s Trade Day in Gadsden. Walked about half way around the place, noticed the folks with the string were there, then walked on around to see what else was there today, and stopped to look at a couple of cast metal horses some folks had. They looked up and told us that if we wanted it that a whole pile of stuff they had there was free, just haul it off. As I have a hard time walking away from free stuff, I went and got the truck and loaded it up. Then we bought the horses. πŸ˜‰ From there walked around a bit more and then went back to the folks that had the string. Haggled with them back and forth for some time and ended up getting it all (around 750 rolls and skeins) at a good price. Afterwards talked to them for a bit and then as most of the other folks were closing up we left. Went to Goodwill and got a few books and some cross stitch kits that we found there. Then went to Apple A Day and got more Ribose and some fruit spritzers and then went east on 411 to the North Gadsden Park and ate lunch. Next was back west on 411 to Rainbow City and American Thrift Store where we picked up a few more books and some more cross stitch kits and string. From there to Eagle Rock Thrift Store where we got MANY more books. They had put a new batch out and had a bunch of authors that we look for, which at 4/$1 paperbacks and 3/$1 hardbacks, were just too hard to pass up. Cat also found 16 cross stitch pattern books that we got for a $1. Ended up with over 80 paperbacks and 13 hardbacks. Headed west and got 4 or 5 at the Rainbow City Library book sale (like we hadn’t already gotten enough today…). Back to Alexandria and Food Land for bread and sodas (for Cat) and then to my folks house to pick up a rocking chair (and repack the truck) and eat supper. Then home. Been a long and somewhat pleasant day. For now am going to go and sort some books and then hit the sack. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Guess we will see when it gets here. Till then… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Steve says:

    Still doing the refresh thing, and it’s till working.

    Yesterday for me was somewhat slower than it has been. Went to the high school (and didn’t get there until after 8:00! Slept till 7:00! Wow!) and worked on a print spool incompatibility. Pagemaker 6.5 and XP. The teacher that does the yearbook has her print system totally blow up after printing about 8 or 10 pages from Pagemaker. I have searched online, and the sum total of solutions for the (known for 7 years or so) problem are:
    1. Upgrade to a later version of Pagemaker.
    2. Use Windows 2000.
    Since neither one is in the cards, I wound up moving the printer to the teacher’s old computer (which IS 2K) and then setting up a shared folder she can dump the docs into, and then print from the old one. I think that will work. I hope so. It’s a real PITA to get the printers going again when they crash–gotta boot into safe mode, clear out a bunch of stuff, then reboot and reinstall printers. Oh, well, maybe the kludge/workaround will work from now on. And talked with the yearbook rep yesterday, and she said that Pagemaker 7.0 might be available and we could load that. I THINK it is XP compatible. Of course, Adobe (bless their pointed little heads) would LOVE for us to buy CS3–and that would be fine with me, if we had the money. I hope Apple DOES buy Adobe–I think things would improve. We’ll see–there has been speculation about Apple buying Adobe for AGES. Maybe one day–Apple can certainly afford it, from what I hear. After that mainly worked in the workbuilding trying to straighten up some–made some progress, but it’s going to take a while. Had to quit earlier than I had planned because JSU (who supplies power to KSE) called at quarter to three to tell us that the power was going down at three to patch a lightning-caused problem. So I started shutting down servers all over the place, and believe I got them all. If I didn’t, JSU did. Since they had no ETA on restored power, I went home shortly after that.

    Looks like today will be a “honey-do” day. Kayla and I just spent a good bit of time trying to reign in Sue from totally filling the day up with things to do. We will still be doing a lot, but maybe we will have time to breathe…we’ll see about that, too.

    Onward and upward!

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