Saturday all day

By , May 31, 2008 8:13 pm

Nothing much day today. Yesterday wore me (us) out and we’ve been mostly inside and out of it all day. Got out mid afternoon and went to the store for some stuff, then back here, fixed and ate supper and back on the couch. Hoping to get out and about for a bit tomorrow but it all depends on how we’re doing in the am. Till then am gonna be taking it easy and doing nothing but reading or sleeping… 😉

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  1. Steve says:

    We did a few things yesterday. Went to the Community Center and walked, went to Center of Hope and donated a few things, went to Wally World and spent some money, and then yesterday evening went to Music at McClellan for Harry Potter and Friends. Saw some old friends there I hadn’t seen in a while, which was nice. Sue’s sister and her husband and son were there, and Kayla and Sue went with me. It was a nice evening. The music was very good, and the production was very well done. (Well-mixed, in other words.) Massive board, 38 channels (Keith asked–he was there with Roy), and ~80 mics–a lot/all the channels were doubled-up with mics. Had a Macbook Pro hooked in for whatever reason. Sounded very good, so the guy obviously knew what the was doing. Nice evening all around. Came home and sat on the love seat and watched about an hour of “Lords of War” with Nicolas Cage–Aaron had left it going in the living room for some reason, and I got interested. Neat scene where a bunch of people in Sierra Leone take an Antonov-12 airplane apart overnight–think C-130 and you have an idea what I mean. I’ll have to see the whole thing now, to see how it comes out.

    Well, we are back from church and watching the weather. I’m about to see if I can get the iPod I have acquired working properly. Hope today goes well for you.

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