Another Friday hitting the thrift stores

By , March 7, 2008 8:32 pm

Hunting books. Started out at Goodwill and had pretty good luck. Got 18 hard backs and 21 paperbacks there. Mostly stuff to resell.

Next hit America’s Thrift store and didn’t do much there. Screaming kids bouncing off my legs tend to make me leave anywhere prior to stomping on the little darlings. 😈 Only picked up 7 books there mostly paperbacks.

Next stop was Eagle Rock and didn’t do as well as we have in the past, but still got 23 paperbacks and one hardback. Again mostly titles for resale. Did find one Agatha Christie that we didn’t have. 😎

From there we hit 77 to 144 and crossed the dam to check out a weekly yard sale held in an old bar building a mile or so from the Ragland end of the dam. They have piles of glass ware and other stuff but today we struck out. Had a couple of things I would have liked to get but were a tad more than I would pay.

And home. I started the charcoal while Cat washed some veggies and skinned the chicken thighs. I cut up the cabbage, celery, carrots, and potatoes, seasoned and added oil and mixed well then put the chicken on top and seasoned it then cooked in the 12 inch dutch oven for an hour. Drove the cats crazy. 😈 And was quite tasty. Should get two more meals out of it.

Tomorrow is supposed to be the last game over here, so I am hitting the sack early. Not that I am planning on doing anything special for it. Just need to be there for whatever comes up and I am sure there will be something. Anyway, that’s all till tomorrow…

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  1. Steve says:

    Sounds good! I may try something like that today. It’s definitely comfort-food weather. Cold as blazes, in other words…

    Working on some computers here at home, re-installing everything on a Dell after replacing the hard drive–went from a 40 GB drive to a 320 GB. That should do it for them. The HD has some problems–half the time it wouldn’t even show up in the BIOS. Made getting the data off of it that I needed to recover interesting–actually, it was just a matter of trying over and over until the drive wanted to cooperate, and then getting the data quick. Simply Mepis to the rescue! Worked out OK. Got an HP that I’m about to see if removing the HD will get rid of the weird sounds at startup–I suspect it will. Then will talk with the folks about what they want to do with it. Methinks they will need a drive, and they just bought a replacement computer–a nice one. Don’t know if they’ll want to put any money into this one or not…

    Well, gotta get back to the machines, and the dishes, and other housework….stay warm!

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