Out and around

By , March 29, 2008 8:10 pm

Headed first to Goodwill in Gadsden this am. Found 3 books that were in good condition there then through to Attalla and spent several hours browsing through the Antique shops. Bought several books and a few other odds and ends. Cat noted the nasty looking clouds and we called it a day and came home. Got here and after checking the weather went to my folks house to get tomato and pepper plants. Sat and talked a bit till thunder ran us home again just in front of the rain. Cleaned up some of our plunder and ate then took a lie down with a book for a bit. Decided to get this out of the way and am gonna call it an early one in a few. Till tomorrow…

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  1. Steve says:

    DOES look a little different in places with the upgrade, the login screen is different. (Yes, I know, I’m commenting on that in the wrong place. Just shoot me…) Battled severe hay fever all day yesterday, and am continuing to now. Got to the point yesterday where even staring at the wall was an effort. I don’t know what species it is that lets go this time every year, but it don’t like me. The feeling is VERY mutual.

    Today I’m going to do…well, whatever. I actually took some medicine today for the hay fever (it generally makes me feel just as bad as the hay fever, but in a different way) and it has made SOME difference, but I still feel, well, WEIRD. (No comments from the peanut gallery on that one…OK, weird in a different sort of way from the NORMAL variety of weird I usually exhibit. How’s that?) I don’t think I’m going to attempt church, between the way I feel and the, uh, “outward symptoms” of hay fever that I exhibit, it will probably be kinder for all concerned to just stay here. I will have to make a sojourn to Wally World later, but I will have to gather my chi (and make a comprehensive list) first. Going to try and make it as quick and painless as possible.

    Have several computer things I want to try that I just couldn’t yesterday. I was just plain MISERABLE and couldn’t think or focus worth a damn. Ah, well, this too shall pass…I feel enough better that I may give it a try today–time to blow something up! Digitally speaking, that is…

  2. Steve says:

    Hmmm…the comment thingy is different too. No “Preview”, just “Submit comment”. That’s OK, since you have the opportunity to edit the comment. Kinda prefer it, actually–not so many “buttons for the sake of it” kind of thing.

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