Do nothing Saturday

By , April 5, 2008 9:12 pm

After a rainy start the day got better but I stayed in a very do nothing mode.

Finally got up the energy to get a shower so decided to try out the olive oil for shaving. It worked (I guess) but with my year and a half old razer blade it took a while. Not much razer burn even though the stubble was a quarter inch long so guess it did it’s job. Will have to try it again Monday and see how it works with less hair. πŸ™„

Also decided to try out the baking soda instead of shampoo. That I like. Kinda strange not having the suds but it cleaned the hair and took very little to rinse out. Fewer tangles when combing afterwards too so am gonna use this rather than the store bought smelly stuff. I think that was what I liked best, no stink in the hair afterwards.

Not that late but am gonna read for a bit then call it an early night. Till tomorrow… 😎

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  1. Steve says:

    ‘Twas a dreary, misty day, but much better than Friday, at least. I ran errands and went to a wedding, and the wife and I went out to eat last night. She had projects of her own going on all day, so we both just “laid back” when we got home. Today has its own tasks….

    The olive oil sounds like a good one, but I have been using garden-variety soap (hand soap, like you use in the shower) for 30 years or so. When I first moved out here, I used Edge gel, and my roommate, after making fun of me, used it when he ran out and fell in love with it. Well, when we BOTH ran out of it, I tried soap, since that is what they use in the barbershops. Lather up the soap, and go. Turns out, you don’t need a lather, just put it on and shave. I have been shaving in the shower ever since, and loving it. It’s a little strange at first, since you can’t see what you are doing, but it doesn’t take long for your hands to know their way around your face. Actually, you can just wet your face and shave, but that tends to be a little bit grabby. I think all that ANYTHING does is lubricate the face so that the razor doesn’t grab. Soap works for that.

    Well, the day beckons. I’ll check in later for new posts. Haven’t quite had the chance to look through all the new ones yet, but I’m working on it.

  2. Dave says:

    I too have been using either standard hand soap or just water, and have been known to dry shave when the razer blade is new and the stubble is short. Course I don’t shave near as much of the phiz as you and most other males. Nor as often or I couldn’t use a razer blade for a year and a half or more before getting a new one. My face did (and does) feel better with the olive oil though so am gonna try it for a while and see what kind of difference it makes in skin tone and such. It seems that the stubble that is coming out is softer. May also be wishful thinking, I shall see after a few more scrapings.

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