Thursday about done

By , April 10, 2008 10:51 pm

Went to pay bills today and to check out the books and other stuff at a few of the local thrift stores. Got a few good books, a tie (Italian silk Christien Dior) for $0.50 and pair of worsted (?) wool hand tailored trousers ($2.25) at the Salvation Army.

Headed on south and took a look at the stuff at the Salvage Store on Greenbriar, just west of 21. They have a lot of stuff but it’s mostly junk IMHO.

Then back down Noble to check out a new thrift store by Lott Cabinet shop that we had seen on the way south. No parking in front so since the parking lot at Lott was empty but for one truck we parked there. Got to the door of the thrift store and they had a sign saying if you had parked in Lott’s parking area, to move you car before coming in the store. We moved, right on down the road. I’m sure they have had problems with the cabinet shop owners or something but they need to be in a location that has some kind of parking instead of saying park across Noble in the grass by the train tracks. I don’t like crossing that street at a cross walk and there are none in that section of town… πŸ‘Ώ

Went to Jacksonville and had a rather uninspiring meal at the China Starr. Will most likely be our last visit. Food was mediocre with limited quantities available and we were both dizzy by the time we left with the MSG. And have been all afternoon and evening. They must use it by the gallon now. Course with rubber chicken you need something to add flavor. πŸ‘Ώ

Left and went to Center of Hope thrift store, looked at the posted prices on the books, turned and looked at each other, Cat said they are out of their minds, as I said they are f*&^%$# crazy, turned and left. πŸ‘Ώ

Headed toward Anniston again to look at a couple of other places we had passed up wanting to get to lunch, but got to feeling worse so came home.

Will go out again tomorrow if the storms don’t keep us in. Guess we will head toward Gadsden, Attalla, and Rainbow City if we do go out. Several places over there that we like to browse around in.

Tis getting late and I am still uncomfortable from lunch, so think I’ll hit the sack and hope for a better day tomorrow. Till then… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Steve says:

    I know that thrift store–it’s where I got the dryer we have now. I pulled up on the sidewalk either in front of the store, or on the side street the times I went. I don’t cross Noble on foot without a good reason either…

    I must say I have to agree with you about China Star. It has definitely reached the “industrial grade Chinese food” level. I order ala carte there occasionally, but not often anymore.

    Center of Hope does value their books, don’t they? We went to the Pell City America’s Thrift Store and I wound up getting a half dozen or so magazines for “sedentary reading” (i.e., the bathroom) which I have enjoyed greatly. Will have to go check out the one in Rainbow City, as well as the one you speak of.

    Have still not had a chance to try Kubuntu (again–I did try it a couple of years ago) but maybe today….

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