Friday buying more books that we don’t need or have room for

By , April 11, 2008 9:31 pm

Started out at Goodwill in Gadsden where we got a few. They have had their books on sale lately but the selection is rather limited and the largest number of paperbacks are in a large bin where it’s impossible to get to more than the top 3 or 4 layers. Doesn’t do much for the condition of the books either. They have plenty of room to expand but it seems that they had rather have junk piled on the shelves than put the books on them. Their loss.

Went from there to Americas Thrift Store in Rainbow Plaza and got more than I had planned on and spent more too. They use colored stickers on the outside of the books that are a real pain to remove, but better than the grease pencil that they used at the Pell City store on the flyleaf that ruined the book for collecting purposes. The colors are on sale at different times. They use a total of 5 colors and 3 of them are on sale at all times, just a different 3 each time we go it seems. The sale percentages vary too. Kind of a pain to figure out how much everything costs but sometimes you get REAL good deals. Other times not so hot. But their selection is improving as more folks donate so we’ll keep going back. Haven’t been in there yet that we didn’t find something. πŸ™„

From there went on to Eagle Rock Thrift Store which is only a couple of blocks away. Didn’t get as many as we have in the past, but still got a fair number of decent titles, both hard and soft backs.

Left there and headed toward Asheville to hit 231 to go to the Pell City Americas Thrift Store but saw a sign in front of the Rainbow City Library that they were having a book sale so looped back and got several titles. They didn’t have a lot but what they did was in good condition and didn’t have pages torn out like a lot of the other libraries are doing now. Will have to check with them next time we go over and see if this is a regular thing or just a one time deal as they have several shelves devoted to the sale.

Back on the road toward Asheville and over half way there the wind picked up and the rear wheel bearing started making bad noises and vibrating through the frame when I’d get over 45 so once we got to 231 we hit 26 (I think) and came back through Ragland and home with a stop at the grocery store in Alexandria.

Just as well we cut the trip to Pell City short cause the nasty weather sirens went off while in the grocery. Got home just before the storms and got the plunder inside and safe. Guess tomorrow will be spent fixing the bearings and checking the rear brakes and such on the van. Been needing to be done just kept putting it off but tis telling me that the time has come so will do the deed weather permitting.

Guess I will spend some time unsacking books and start peeling stickers off till the eyelid movies call gets too loud. Till tomorrow… 😎

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  1. Steve says:

    Keep wanting to get over there and check out those stores. One of these days…spent most of yesterday migrating mail and such from one computer to a newer one, and trying to divine the mysteries of Blackberry configuration. Interesting device, but the small keypad is a PITA. Amazing what can be done with such a small form factor. When we get the holographic screens/keyboards, THEN we’ll be rocking….

    The storms were rather extensive, but not too damaging, thank heavens. Gadsden had some damage downtown, and there was hail in different places around the state up to 3″ in diameter. I don’t want any of THAT hitting ME. We were lucky around here, and the water table needs the rain, so it’s all good for the moment. The wind yesterday was gusting like March on steroids, though.

    Going to be around here mainly today–finishing up a reinstall on a computer, cleaning up, hopefully trying out Kubuntu 8.04 Beta Alternate (now THERE’S a catchy name!) on a couple of machines. Have an older machine (1300 MHz Athlon) that I am thinking of making my “desktop” machine, and a newer one that I may try once again to turn into a Mythbox. Sooner or later I’ll get it right….

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