The Nero Wolfe Cover Scans Site Sunday

By , April 13, 2008 10:14 pm

Nero Wolfe Cover Scans Site

Been rebuilding ALL of the posts over there. I had hard coded database code in the template to get the scans to show up in the posts a LONG time ago before WordPress was built to handle pictures the way it does now. So now that it will and does and makes it easy I am having to remove the links from the database and upload the pictures and put them in the proper places in the text. And clean up a lot of old hard formatting that I left in when I moved the site from hard coded to WordPress in the first place. And add tags to each and every post. And rescan a lot of the covers that I never got around to way back when I started the migration. Am almost a quarter of the way through, I think. But I may not be due to I haven’t gotten to the section where I am gonna have to rescan the covers. Have done 60+ posts today so far and am about done in. It’s taking a LONG time to get it all done and make sure I haven’t forgotten something in each and every one of the blasted things. One of those things I have been meaning to do for years now and would work on for a bit and then get off on other things and not get back to till something broke and… So am gonna try to get this sucker finished and to the point that I can move on to other things on that site that I have been meaning to get done also and putting off till I got this done. I think I am procrastinating with this ramble so I don’t have to do any more of that mind numbing stuff over there. πŸ™„

But I need to get back and do at least a bit more before the night is over. So will close for the nonce and see how far I can get before the siren call of sleep gets too alluring. Till tomorrow… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Steve says:

    Yes, isn’t upgrading FUN? When I do hit an upgrade that actually
    A. makes improvements I want in a program
    B. works without sacrificing small furry animals, mucho time, and much frustration to the computer gods
    I am usually in such shock that I just have to shut it down for the day and go ponder the fact that there are software developers in the world that CAN find their ass with either/both hands without needing a road map, online assistance, and a couple of O’reilly manuals with animals on the covers….

    Did church, crockpot, research paper review, and tax assistance yesterday, and little else. My get up and go phoned in, I think…..well, today is another day, and a workday, at that….

    Wait a minute–there’s a “Preview” button, which had been eaten by the last upgrade. How appropriate it shows up on this post, eh? Just color me clueless, and it’ll fit…

  2. Dave says:

    Had forgotten in the madness of the Nero Wolfe site updating that while looking over here to find the plugins that I needed over there that there was an update for the preview plugin that I got and then turned on. Guess it works now, eh? πŸ™„ πŸ˜‰

    Well I quit with the updates last night with somewhere over a hundred done out of a few over 260 posts, so guess I did make some headway after my procrastinating post over here. Surprisingly my hands and arms are not hurting too much this am. And I am up at this ungodly hour and somewhat awake and aware. Guess the Ribose is helping. A lot. πŸ™‚

    Well more coffee is waiting and so is The Nero Wolfe site so back to the scan mine for me… πŸ˜•

  3. Steve says:

    Yes, it’s fun to migrate/upgrade! I hope to be able to do some stuff this week that I have been trying to do for a while. Have Kubuntu 8.04 Beta Alternate on a disk and STILL haven’t tried it out–somehow it seemed more important to change the fuel pump on my truck before it burst into flame….priorities, I guess. Maybe today….

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