Soggy Sunday

By , April 27, 2008 11:34 pm

Trying ScribeFire out for standard posting to the blog(s) too. One nice thing about it is the ability to post to several different blogs. Not at the same time but it does allow you to save a post and post it again and again. Tis quite handy that. Several irritating things too. Whereas with a right click on a word Firefox will gives you the ability to check and correct the spelling of a word but ScribeFire doesn’t. It underlines the words but as yet I can’t find a way to check and correct the spelling. Just installed a dictionary but have to restart Firefox to get it to work so am going to finish this post and then restart it. Looks like I can save it as a draft so will try that and see if I can edit it after the restart.

And it works great! I’m liking this more and more. Seems that you can even edit existing entry’s, though I haven’t tried that yet. The spell check thing still isn’t working/or I can’t figure out how it is supposed to work. Will look into it more later.

Have got it configured at present to post to 3 different blogs and need to add several more. Not just mine but the 3 or 4 that customers sites are built with, so I can edit them too.

Added another blog (customers site) today with WordPress 2.5.1 and it seems to be working fine. The problem yesterday may have been something other than just WordPress but the timing sure was good if it was. Both times. Course like I said in an earlier post, I did replace all the files with a newly downloaded version and also updated the config file.

Been a long day. Gotten some things done, and put some off till tomorrow. Got a pile of stuff to go pick up to get put into a customers site. And still got one more to install a e-commerce program in that I haven’t gotten to yet. Seems like it’s either feast or famine.

Gonna make one more post and then call it a night. Till tomorrow…

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  1. Steve says:

    New software/hardware is always fun. Strike fun, insert “interesting”. And failures do coincide sometimes. Worked on my daughter’s computer yesterday–the video had started dying on it when she watched a DVD. At least, that was the most common time it would die. It’s a 5 or 6 year old HP Pavilion that has on-board video, but has had a PCI video card in it for quite a while. That’s PCI, not PCI-Express. The board in the machine doesn’t have an AGP slot, so my son (who got the machine originally as a Xmas present) got the PCI card for it. Well, I got to checking the machine, and it WOULD loose the video pretty quickly. This is AFTER I loaded the newest driver. So, I swap to the onboard video, and IT tanks just about the time that the drivers load. Hmmmm….move the machine to my little work area (work as in wiping/reloading/etc., theres’ no room for actually doing physical work on the machines, unless I crawl on the floor) and hook it up to my KVM switch so I can see what happens. What happens is the KVM won’t WORK with this machine, but the onboard video doesn’t die, either. After I remove the PCI card, that is, which has a dead cooling fan. It was nice and warm when I took it out too–not burning hot, but with the fan scrubbing (I could turn it by had with a screwdriver, but just barely) it wasn’t very hard to figure out the failure scenario. And the onboard worked on my KVM, just the keyboard and mouse wouldn’t. So, back to my daughter’s room with the machine, hook/boot it up and…the video fails at the same place it did before–going from the XP boot screen to the login screen. So, I take the monitor out and put in another one, and NOW it works fine. The resolution was only 800 X 600 on the onboard video at startup, so I know it wasn’t a resolution problem. Looks like the PCI video and the monitor decided to shuffle off to Buffalo together. It’s NICE to troubleshoot double-failures in the same subsystem, isn’t it?

    Other than than, I didn’t get much done yesterday–didn’t feel quite right. Going to do better today, starting with cleaning up the computer desk I’m sitting at now. Yeah, I’ve said THAT before, but I am motivated now–I can’t do a DAMN thing here it’s so messy, so I HAVE to do it. Oh, well, looks like a good day for it. We’re all off today, which is unusual–wife’s day off, son worked Saturday so he is off today, and the daughter and I have a weather day at school/work–which are, of course, the same place. So we are going to have a family day. Whoopee!

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