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By , December 13, 2009 10:14 pm – Post from second floor
twitpic photo – Post from stairwell
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Got the floor as done as it\’s gonna get for now. Added a top post to the handrail on the stairs. Split and carved out of a piece of willow.

Just finished eating lunch. Heading back upstairs to finish screwing in the last piece of flooring so I can get back to working on the loft.

Just got the next to last flooring board in place upstairs. Been several years that we have been living in it, so guess it\’s about time.

Between the length of it and the first cross support which is 68 inches away. Knew it was bad but didn\’t realize it was quite that bad. πŸ™

And work it out as I go, since the walls are not square or straight. Just measured the east outside wall and there is a 3 inch difference…

Trying once again to get my head wrapped around the loft support structure for the south room. Thinking I am just gonna start on it…

According to the radar the rain is out of our area but tis still gray and dripping outside. Looks like an inside work day…

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