Announcement: Update – Happy New Year

By , December 31, 2009 1:10 pm

Just a quick update on the old site. If you want to see what new and exciting things I am up to check out the current blog at Technoprimitive3. My twitter feed does update here but for blog posts the above link is the current one.

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Year!

Dave/aka Technoprimitive

Fresh From Twitter today

By , December 31, 2009 6:18 pm

Bit that I thought was broken was an RSS feed in the sidebar that wouldn’t show up. Ended up deleting/replacing it and it now works. πŸ™‚

Still got at least one bit broken but not sure where it is and tis not critical so will wait for WP 2.9.1 and see if it’s still broken then.

For those who have upgraded to WP 2.9 a patch is available at:

Well after updating one of my blogs I am waiting for WordPress 2.9.1 before doing the rest of them. There be bugs in WP 2.9!

Gonna spend some time doing updates to some of the blogs, rather than physical activity. Had not realized that a new version of WP was out.

Looks like cleaning out the corner and moving the table may be the sum of my endeavors today.

Course the fact that it’s still wet and dripping outside helps to keep me from doing some of the stuff I wanted to today.

Gonna try to take it easy today. Still got stuff to do but am not gonna get the monster maul and chain saw out like I had planned to.

Over did it yesterday. Kinda figured I had by the way the body was still hurting after taking something for the pain.

off, so am hoping they are right. Would have liked to get another cord or so split and stacked but doubt that I would have survived… πŸ˜‰

Guess it’s a good thing that the rains came and put a stop to the rest of my plans for the day. Weather folks say that tomorrow should clear

Supper is done. Rain still coming down though it has slowed to a drizzle again now. Still feeling the mornings excesses with the wood.

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