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By , December 25, 2009 11:44 pm

The day is done. Home again, cats fed, wood loaded, fire stoked with a Porter and plate of assorted cheeses, crackers, olives and pickles.

Tis late and I am done as soon as these cookies come out. Merry Happy All!

Will get up in the morning and get the eggs and sweet potatoes cooked, and the cheese and nibbles tray put together.

Last few cookies in the oven now. Total cooked 187, and I am worn out. Cat is upstairs now wrapping gifts.

Looks like one more hard patch of rain and possibly wind and the worst is over for us tonight. And the baking can continue.

Last oven full of second batch in now. Gonna take a break and see about supper prior to doing the last batch. Hoping the power holds out.

already made so I figure why not. Will see how they turn out when they come out. Time to check the oven.

Gonna be fruitcake, chocolate chip, and maybe walnut cookies. Or that’s the plan right now. Got the stuff to do it with and the mess is

in this batch so will take a lot more cooking. Then comes the creative batch where I am gonna make it up as I go.

First batch (4 pans full) of cookies out and cooling. Second batch of dough mixed and first 2 pans in oven now. Can’t put as many in a pan

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