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By , December 26, 2009 8:34 pm

Coffee and food consumed. Now to get up the energy to go to Lowe’s.

Tis just the usual sequential vortex of projects around here. Time to quit blathering and go get coffee and food.

put up the support posts for the rest of the loft, which is what I have been trying to get done this whole time.

woodburner to get to the bottom 1/3 of 1/2 of the wall, so that bit isn’t gonna be very easy. But I can get enough of the wall done to

Then will just have the west wall to finish insulating. Course I have to remove the block and brick that is stacked on the west side of the

carry. Come back, then clear the floor in here so I can roll out and cut the insulation for the rest of the south room ceiling.

Was still a bit warm when straddling the flue to screw the last bit in. Now to eat, go to Lowe’s to pick up some stuff Wally World doesn’t

Got the last 3 ceiling strips up. Had to put up temp scaffolding to get to the area over the woodburner. Twas still burning but not high.

Supports on the west end. Thinking I will use cedar for these. Coffee is gone so guess I need to get out and at it.

Or actually procrastinating at the present while getting more caffeine in my system via coffee. Need to go and cut 2 more posts for loft

Working on an additional support for the insulation were it’s not meeting the stud after turning the corner from south to west walls.

Got the upper west window in the south room cleaned from the inside. Will be easier when the rest of the loft is in place.

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