Plow points and shelves

By , June 30, 2008 9:47 pm

Trying to clear the area in the front room of the Q-hut to put in the shelving and got down to the plow points and decided to separate them out so they could be stored in different areas in like piles. Never realized just how many different plow points and pieces we had. Of course the other thing I had forgotten about was that there are pieces going back to at least the 20’s, some for mule drawn plows and some for tractor drawn. Whole bunch of plows. I’d guess around 700 pounds or more. After trying to sort the suckers for half a hour and getting less than half of them done I gave up and piled them on the shelves as they would fit. Will go back through after I get the rest of the shelves up and see what I can do then. For now they are out of the way and I can go back to cutting and installing the shelving.

Didn’t make it to Gadsden or anywhere else today. Guess I will try again tomorrow. Till then…

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