Long hot Saturday

By , June 7, 2008 10:57 pm

Problems and moves abound. I’m tired of dns changes taking days with one host where they take minutes with another. Changes are coming and soon. Still looking for the right hosting service but one way or another we are going to make a move soon and the company I work with is going to also.

I was informed a couple of hours ago that a dns change can take 72 hours to propagate across the Internet. The problem being that we didn’t make a dns change, the hosting service did and now they are telling us that it can take our sites down for 3 days or so and there is nothing that we or they can do about it. None of the other sites are affected, just the one I was working on last night. And they don’t know why it’s showing up as hosted by another company. Yet again. Neither do I, but I bet if I move it to another host this problem will not happen again. Asshats…

Spent most of the day out and about at yard sales, estate sale, thrift stores and using other folks ac. Did spend more money than we had planned to but got a bunch of good salable stuff, and I think made some good contacts. Going to hit the sack in a few and start again in the morning, so will type again when I get back. Till then… πŸ˜‰

Long night

By , June 7, 2008 9:49 am

So after I said I wasn’t gonna work on that site last night I did anyway. For over 3 hours and got it back almost completely up. Or so I thought when I went to bed. Get up this am and find that it seems to have vanished over night. Not just back to broken but the site is showing up as empty via html access. I can see the files and it looks like it’s all there via ftp but the dns seems to be pointing somewhere else. There is another domain name pointed to the site and it is showing a broken version so am a bit more than pissed off about this. With all the other problems we have had with this hosting company I am seriously thinking about another move. And not just of my stuff this time. More later after I cool off some… πŸ™

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