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By , June 2, 2008 6:25 pm

Spent most of the day building more shelving for our books. Added 21 linear feet in the living room by removing a door. Am working on adding the 20 feet just below the ceiling and raising the existing 16 feet to allow hardbacks to stand upright on the top row. Not sure that last sentence makes sense unless you’ve been here. Will try to get pix and post them soon to try to explain it…

Got 10 pounds, minus about a pound of skin and fat, of chicken leg quarters in the 14″ dutch oven and carrots, celery, onions, and potatoes along with salt, pepper, chives, parsley, basil and oil, in the 12″ dutch oven cooking for supper and a lot more meals later on.

Started moving the books on the shelves. Still got thousands to go, as well as adding in the ones that are piled on top of and in between and on the floor. Tis a never ending job or seems that way. And when we buy a hundred or more a week I guess it really is… πŸ˜‰

Gonna go and check on the food and start clearing off the top shelf to raise it. May or may not post again later. Depends on many things. Till I post again… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Steve says:

    Reload and go. It’s a habit now…

    I had a nice, interesting day yesterday. Spent most of it (the work part, anyway) going through the older computers vetting them to either go or stay. Trying to get rid of all the PIIs that aren’t in active service right now. Have about 37 of them piled up right now, with more to come. (Go?) Won’t miss many of them, that’s for sure. They were good in their day, but that has passed.

    Had a doctor’s appointment yesterday afternoon in Gadsden, and then went home. The wife and son were at Wally World, and called me on the way back to see if I knew anything about the police cars gathered at the construction site at the high school. I didn’t, but it gave me a bad feeling, so I buzzed my boss, who turned out to be over there. A compactor (think steam roller from the old cartoons–no steam, but it rolls over dirt and compacts it until it’s firm enough to build on) had overturned and killed the driver. I don’t know who it was yet (they haven’t released the name, as far as I can tell) but I did meet very briefly the gentleman who drove that same compactor (I believe) at the construction site at KSE. We talked about how much fun it must be to ride that thing–it vibrated while compacting to compact more efficiently. It vibrated the heck out of the workbuilding at KSE when he was over there, I can’t imagine what it was like on the actual machine. The way they had done at the high school, where they mounded up a lot of dirt and then dug the edges off sharp always had me thinking “Better you than me!” as far as driving ANY piece of equipment on that mound. I don’t know if that is where it happened, or what, yet, but I feel for the man’s family. And for him, too, of course.

    Oh, well, about to do the trash and get dressed and go. Going to the high school first, I wonder if OSHA is still around. THAT must be a fun job, right up there with IRS agent, with injuries and death thrown in to boot. Being treated like a leper while trying to prevent more accidents in the future–at least, that’s how it’s supposed to be. I imagine that the OSHA inspectors must feel a lot like police do at the scene of a DUI-caused accident–“If you had only known what I know!” Unfortunately, we all think we are immune to the vicissitudes of life, until they get us….

    And I HAVE been over there, but I confess I can’t get my mind around how raising the shelves will allow you to put taller books on the shelf that is raised–at least, that seems to be what you are saying–but it is still early….

  2. Dave says:

    As I said, didn’t seem clear to me either.

    What I meant was that I am raising (and extending) the 16 foot long shelf that is attached to the wall a foot or so below the ceiling so that taller books can sit on the top shelf of the floor standing book shelves.

    I think that’s clearer. Maybe, sorta… πŸ˜‰

  3. Steve says:

    Well, having to refresh is NOT a Windoze issue, I just had to do it with Puppy. Then again, I am using Sea Monkey, so it could be a Mozilla issue…heck, as long as refreshing works, I’m OK….

    OK, NOW I understand what you meant. You raised the shelf so that the shelf underneath could have more room. The way it was originally phrased, It seemed like you raised the top shelf so that it (the top shelf overall, that is) would have more room between itself and the ceiling, which didn’t make sense at all. But you meant the OTHER top shelf, the one below it, which while not the top shelf overall, IS the top shelf for the free-standing shelves BELOW the TOP shelf. Right?

    “You stay here, while we go watch the Prince, right?” Rereading the above, this is how I feel…..

    FYI–posting this from the hd-fried machine I e-mailed you about. Machine works fine, the HD stinks. Literally. I’m gonna try, but I think it may be history–not least because I don’t think I have a board like that to try. And when one of the power pins melts off the board, it’s kinda hard to call it a GOOD sign….but the power supply is still going! I guess even Dell gets it right from time to time….

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