Wall O Shelves Done

By , June 4, 2008 8:55 pm

All 228 liner feet of them, and that’s not counting the books sitting on the floor in the 14 inches under the lowest shelf. There are now 8 sets of 4 foot wide units that have 7 shelves each, and one 4 foot section above the door. Lotta shelves. In fact they now take that entire wall except for the door, all 32 feet of it. Got all the books relocated and a fair number of the ones that had no home put into place. Still got a hundred or so in one of the living room chairs, but hope to get them put up later tonight. Got a 3 foot section over the bedroom door that I am going to add a shelf in, as well as another one the same over the door into Cat’s office at the other end of the room. Have a pile of old vhs tapes that I am going to build shelves for and move into what was the bathroom and that will leave the outside wall in the hall area open to cover with book shelves which will allow us to move another thousand or so from the Q-hut into here. Getting closer, I think.

Cat cut my locks off today. Washing the hair is now quick and mostly painless other than the razer burn on my neck. πŸ˜‰ And a LOT cooler. May cut it a bit shorter on top, just gonna wait and see how it works as is for now. Beard is still in place though I am thinking of giving it a summer trim up here soon.

For now am gonna take a break and gaze at my wall o books for a bit. And maybe put a few more in place. Then take an early snooze as last night was still working at nearly midnight and my feet and legs have been telling me about it all day. Till I type again… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Steve says:

    Refresh, and in. W2K, again, FYI. Was XP, but that drive decided to revert to unusable…

    I like the shelves! Would love to have that many, but the wife’s tastes in decorating don’t run quite that way. Oh, well…I need to read some NEW stuff, anyway.

    Short hair in the summer is a GOOD thing. I have given serious thought to actually shaving myself bald, but I know I would sunburn like no one’s business, and that would not be pretty. Or all that comfortable. I may go get shorn this weekend also–it’s not long, but I could stand it shorter. Summer really arrived with a bang, didn’t it?

    Tried all four similar boards for that drive yesterday, with similar results–close, but no cigar. I’ll go put them back into their respective machines here in a few minutes (yes, it matters which, and yes, I did label them–amazing, isn’t it?) and check out one more machine that may have a drive I can use. If not, then I’ll speak to Anthony about calling in a favor from a friend/colleague who has a lot of drives of that age/type, according to a source I spoke to yesterday. Couldn’t hurt, might help. I’ll move on to more of what I’ve been doing, when not recovering machines–getting rid of old stuff. Or, at least, getting READY to get rid of it–we don’t have an appointment yet for the folks to come get it, but we are working on it. Pretty much any day in June will do, except for one, when we will both be out of town, so we have our bets down as THAT will be the day they want to come….Murphy rules the universe–badly, but he rules….

    Well, gotta quit typing and start riding. Have a good one, and keep cool.

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