Long hot Friday

By , June 6, 2008 10:11 pm

Been fighting a bad hard drive today. Not in one of our machines for a change though. Turned out that the drive has about 8% bad sectors which is keeping it from doing much of anything. Found another drive that seemed ok that I tried to copy it over to but after a couple of tries wrote 00’s to and checked and it too had bad sectors so will wait till the customer gets another drive to me and will try again.

Keep having website corruption and hacking too. Not just on my sites but on customers sites. The problem with the customers sites has been hackers or some such putting foreign code and java scripts into the existing php pages. Makes for some interesting recovery problems. Have just been alerted to another site tonight that has problems. Am not going to even try tonight. Will go in tomorrow (or when I get to it as it’s not a paying site any more) and see what has to be done and worry about it then.

Tis still quite hot and I’m about done in so am gonna call it a night and start again tomorrow. Till then… 😉

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  1. Steve says:

    I am assuming that the hd you are speaking of is the one in the machine that you called me about. Don’t you just LOVE when you try all the tricks, and THEN it turns out to be physical corruption? (As opposed to political corruption, I guess….still early….) Hopefully you were able to get all/most of the data off, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen…fighting that war now myself, just trying to find the right part to do it with. Until then, not much to do but not lose/drop the drive.

    Sounds like you might be a victim of the injection attacks going around. You have a bunch of company, the latest estimate of attacked sites is ~1.5 million and climbing. It’s a real PITA, but also evolution in action–kind of a microcosm of human history, actually. A lot of things start out small, friendly and noble–a group of like-minded people working together for a common goal. (The Internet, the WWW, a lot of countries when they free themselves from the parent country, etc.) Then some son-of-a-bitch sees a way to exploit the situation, and off we go! Evolution strikes (and I don’t mean anyone growing/losing a tail, eye color changes, or anything like that). Defenses are designed, procedures change, and over a period of time things become more robust and over all much better. Look at where the music industry is headed, for example–even the (COMPLETELY clueless) labels are finally beginning to twig that the industry has changed models, and are trying to exploit the new one just like they did the old one. Ain’t going to happen, things (IMHO) are going to be much more decentralized, which is just not going to lend itself to wholesale cheating of artists–err, I mean, a “centralized, large-scale, professional developmental/promotional model”. There will be too many other options for artists for that to be done on the scale we have seen in the past. On the same note, I think the time of the mega-band (in terms of the extremely popular group that gets mondo advances) is gone too. There will be some of that still, but I think it will be on a reduced scale, and even harder to obtain than before. But it will be easier to make a decent living off of ones music. The question is–how long until it shakes out to a viable system? Please place your bets at the windows to your left….

    So, back to my original thread–these SOBs planting malicious kaka all over the web are helping us to standardize well-designed, secure sites–the model of the future. Hopefully, a few of these Darwinists will be found out and staked to anthills after the application of suitable sweet substances to select areas of their bodies. Or sentenced to appropriate terms in PYA federal prisons. We can hope…after all pioneers of social change should be honored the way they are in nearly all historical contexts–persecuted to the max. Deservedly so, in this case.

    And on that note, the soapbox is stricken, and I’ll move on to other things…later.

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