And on June 11, 2008

By , June 11, 2008 3:50 pm

at about 3:30pm, I broke down, cleaned the filters and turned the ac on. Yes I know it’s supposed to be cooler today but it was up to 94.8 F out front at 12:45 and I am to the point of melting/itching/screaming, so tis on for now anyway. At least till it cools off a bit and then will get cut off. I can’t take it over about 85 any more.

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  1. Steve says:

    It was indeed hot yesterday. It wasn’t as hot as quick in the morning, but it made up for it in the afternoon, methinks. I know it hit me pretty hard when I got out of the high school about 3:30 or so. Not looking forward to what the workbuilding will be like today, but that’s the way it goes. Work in the bay a while, go into the a/c a while, and drink plenty of fluids. Kinda like the radiator shop, except there is was get out of the sun instead of get into the a/c–we didn’t have any a/c, except in the office.

    Today looks like more of the same–some configuring, some hauling, hopefully some image building. “Image building”–sounds like I’m in PR, doesn’t it? No, Virginia, image building as in images to clone to other computers….one more cup of Joe, and I’ll be ready to go…

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