Another long hot day

By , June 10, 2008 11:55 pm

And one spent mostly on the couch. Hoping tomorrow will be a bit cooler. Till then…

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  1. Steve says:

    Actually, it wasn’t as hot Tuesday as it was Monday, either by the thermometer or by subjective feel. Having said that, it was MORE than hot enough…especially in the workbuilding bay. I am thinking about (half-seriously) stringing a clothesline in there and bringing clothes from home to hang and dry. It surely wouldn’t take long for them to dry, methinks….

    Got some more old hardware on the pile. Still a good bit to go, but I think I’m getting close on computers, anyway. Got to dig into some more piles of stuff and shift’n’sort, more fun and dehydration. Sitting here ingesting caffeine and formulating a plan of action now. Gotta make some room in the office out there and get a production line going as far as wiping/cloning/setting up a couple of groups of computers, and room enough for a couple of one-off deals I need to be doing. Now that there is someplace to put some of the stuff in there, I think I’ll start with clearing out the office and then I can arrange things in a workable fashion. During the year I have had to move things around in an expedited manner, so to speak, and now I need to unexpedite so that I can actually DO some things in there. More fun to follow…I dug this hole, now I have to fill it in…

    Well, gotta get going here. Hope today is better/cooler. Maybe we’ll actually get some rain–they keep threatening us with the possibility….

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