Another Friday

By , June 13, 2008 10:19 pm

Not much to report. Another down day here. Did finally get a bit of rain. Could use more. Birmingham is saying they have a surplus but this is the first we have had here at the farm in a couple of weeks other than a couple of sprinkles that didn’t even wet the dust down good.

Just got through with adding the first item (a book) to the site. Am hoping it will get faster as I get more used to it. Am going to wait till I get some more stuff listed before posting a link.

Am close to calling it a night, so till tomorrow…

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  1. Steve says:

    ‘Twas pretty much a Friday the 13th for me, at least the first half of it. Spent all morning cleaning up after the network/application problems that we spawned Thursday (I think that actually Friday the 13th may have started for me about the time that Friday started wherever/whenever it did in the world–Thursday our time) Was mostly successful with the network problems, and totally (well, NEAR totally) unsuccessful with the application problems. I mean, getting ONE instance of a program to run when the usual number is 20-50 or more instances is not what I call successful. And the people that had that one instance running would NOT give it up for me to try anything–can’t say I blame them, they were actually getting some work done, and were afraid that if they closed out for any time at all, there would be NO instances of the program running for the rest of the day. I couldn’t tell them different, so I didn’t argue with them. I just went and cleaned up a couple more network things, and then had breaklunch. After lunch I just went back to the workbuilding and used Puppy Linux to recover files from a machine, and then wiped and started an XP install. Anthony called me about that time (he was tied up off campus all day) and said he would be by in a while, so I decided to set up a couple of machines remotely to show him what the app was doing (or not doing). I was curious to see if it would open again after the folks who had it earlier got out of it. It did, but now it seems to be running normally on however many machines I wanted it to. I have no explanation, other than that Friday the 13th was over by then in whatever area it had started at the day before. I’ll remote in in a few and see if it is still working. Some things just do like that sometimes, and this particular app is well-known for weird operations.

    After that, I came home and the daughter and I watched “Blazing Saddles” while the wife and son had other things to do elsewhere. My daughter had never seen “Blazing Saddles” before (she said she thought it was just another Western, and not being a fan of such, had always just surfed by) and LOVED it. Of course, what’s not to love? Great flick. This weekend will be more laid back, hopefully. About to get coffee and hook up a friends machine to reinstall. Have a good one.

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