Saturday doing nothing

By , June 14, 2008 10:54 pm

Another day spent reading and doing little as possible. Think I am starting to come out of it a bit at least as long as I stay inside out of the heat. Did manage to get a couple more books listed on the auction site. Tis slow going. Gonna have to look at some of the other ways of adding items to the site rather than the one at a time that I am doing now. Need to hit the sack here in a few. Got to go out and about for a while tomorrow so will close for the nonce. Till I typo again… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Steve says:

    Was a mostly stay-at-home day here too. Went to a produce stand and bought some non-salmonella tomatoes, but other than that was home all day. Didn’t bother me a lot to be. My boss called last night and I remoted in to do some stuff to help check out some things, but that wasn’t very long. Things seem to be working better on the network–I guess it’s self-healing somehow.

    Got church today, and a full schedule of things to do. Check your mail, if you haven’t, sent a URL to you of a site that I don’t recall having seen before on here (for what THAT’S worth) that I’m sure you will like. Looked at it for HOURS yesterday. Metal casting, machining, rural skills, lots of cool stuff. You really need to check it out. Here is the URL
    Probably won’t work right just copying and pasting, but as long as it is there, you can do the same. It’s just too early to get fancy/proper…

    Have a good day!

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