And a Tuesday

By , June 24, 2008 9:11 pm

That was almost a Monday. Watered the plants, started taking the wood flooring from the outbuilding apart then got too hot and did some cooking and eating, with large amounts of time in between on the couch. Again hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. Till then…

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  1. Steve says:

    The heat is a bitch, isn’t it? I don’t go outside any more than I have to, and it’s still bad. Yes, I know it’s worse elsewhere in the world, but it’s bad enough here for me.

    Spent a day at the high school guiding the guys changing the phone system around and opening doors for them. Just about all the morning, anyway. After lunch the power was still out at the other campus, so I came back to the high school and did what I could find to do until I finally got a ping through to the Internet. (It was the only way I could figure out that the power was back on, other than sitting in the dark and heat somewhere waiting for it…) So I went and powered up/logged into the servers, and did a little bit at the work building. By then it was 5:00, so I picked up supper and went home. Just another normal day…

    Hopefully today I will actually be able to DO some stuff. Have to roll over some machines to the new school year coming up, which should take a good bit of the day, probably. Still need to download/tryout a virtual machine for another project–might get somewhere with that today, we’ll see.

    Hope it goes better today, for you and me both.

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