Another bed down

By , June 28, 2008 5:41 pm

Got the rest of the dirt dug out and the next bed built. Went 3 bricks high with this one instead of the 2 on the first one. Used 9 bags of organic humus along with some of the dirt I dug from the area. Managed to get the rest of the tomato and pepper plants put in as well as some potatoes that were sprouting and some green onion root tips cut off from cooking onions that I had been saving to try planting. Again quite sore, tired and a bit sunburned or so my back keeps telling me, but none of the above is as bad as the previous two bits of exertion so may be getting somewhat back into shape.

Haven’t gotten the D-Ribose yet. Planned to go yesterday but wasn’t quite up to the trip, and Cat is at a family reunion today and won’t be back till some time tomorrow. Guess I will try for Monday.

The next outside project will be finishing up removing nails from the pile of lumber out front so I can get it moved around back and put in more planting beds where it is now. Depending on the state of the body may get started on that tomorrow.

Going to go dig in the fridge and see what is for supper. Till tomorrow…

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  1. Steve says:

    Weird Saturday. Got up at 3:30 to get the wife and daughter off to Honduras. Checked on Urgent Care at 5:00, but they didn’t open until 8:00, so I got breakfast and went home. Napped about an hour, and then went to the doc. Got a nice shot in the hip (a gram of one antibiotic) and a script for 2 grams a day of another, taken in four easy capsules during the day. Went and helped set up a computer for a friend that I had wiped and reinstalled, and discovered that Micro$oft Money wouldn’t open its own backups. What fun. My friend later called me and told me of the fun she had had with phone support (“Your backup must be corrupted!” “What about the four other ones that I opened before and now give the same error message as the ‘corrupted’ one?” “Uh, I’ll send this to a Level II support tech, they’ll get in touch with you.”) Never really recovered from getting up so early (I have always had trouble with sleep disruption) and didn’t get much done at all yesterday. About to balance the checkbook and go into work for a while; the junk people are coming at 7:00 Tuesday, and I need to do more sorting for their arrival.

    Maybe it will rain today…

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