Wednesday at the farm

By , June 18, 2008 11:00 pm

Nothing much going on today either. Not as much a disjointed day today as yesterday but I was still somewhat out of kilter with the world. Got a couple or four of projects started but nothing much done with any of them. Hoping tomorrow will work out better. Till then… πŸ˜‰

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  1. Steve says:

    Yesterday was interesting. Went to the Alabama Educational Technology Conference in Birmingham. Lost of interesting stuff there. Went to a “hands-on” three-hour session on free (as in speech and beer) library management software. Koha, Evergreen, and NewGenLib. All pretty neat, but I think Evergreen is what I’m going to try-hopefully tomorrow. Would try it today, but the Apple guy is coming to help us destroy and recreate our network. Ought to be fun! More fun is Anthony is going on vacation next week, so I hope we get it right today. Otherwise, next week could be VERY interesting for me….but upgrades ALWAYS go fine, don’t they? Well, usually, eventually….

    Evergreen ( is pretty neat. What is even more neat is that there are VM images available on the site. When Ron (the presenter, who is an absolute open-source fanatic–love the guy!) showed it to us, he was running it on VMWare on an XP laptop. He cautioned the people there that XP wasn’t the best host system, since it was unstable and prone to crash, and right before I said it, a guy down at the end of the row I was on (who was doing a presentation later on Vista) made the remark that it wasn’t NEARLY as bad as Vista. Before we got started he was showing some of the PC/Mac commercials he was going to show to illustrate his points in his presentation. No arguments from me…or anyone else in the room. But I digress….I am going to do my best to get VMWare running on my machine at work and load the virtual image of Evergreen to try it out. If it works like I think, I believe I will use a virtual image on VMWare for the production version even if I host it on Linux. There are just such great advantages to doing it virtually. One I really like is the fact that I can do a backup of the image, and then if something happens to the host machine/image, I can just load it into VMWare again and off we go! No rebuiilding EVERYTHING.

    Also talked with Ron a good bit about Asterisk. Found out that I can set up a server to make calls P2P, so I’m going to get that set up soonest. Just have to open up a couple of ports, and will be good to go. If I had the right card in the machine I use, I could call in from anywhere in the world via PC and then call out through my landline to anywhere I wish. But I think I’ll settle for the P2P thing–I should be able to call you, and my daughter call her boyfriend, whenever we want. For no money, other than what we are spending already for the cable connection. Been thinking heavily about getting rid of the landline and going cellular, and this could be the linchpin that lets us do it–the thought of my daughter talking to her boyfriend for hours on a cell terrifies me….

    Well, gotta get ready for the Man from Cupertino, so to speak. Ought to be interesting. I will be nice to learn some more OSX, and be able to get out of the Window every now and then, so to speak. Have a good one.

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